09 September 2014

emtek hardware inspiration

one of the best things about my dual roles of interior designer and social media personality, is the opportunity to be introduced to cool products and go behind the scenes of some of my favorite manufacturers.
so when my friend and colleague, tamar mashigian pr, asked me if i wanted a behind the scenes tour of the emtek assa abloy assembly plant just outside of LA, i said YES! there is something so inspiring about seeing product in its natural environment, and seeing everything all together at once never fails to open my eyes to new possibilities- and with two client kitchen renovations and a bath refresh on the horizon, hardware has been on my mind a lot lately.

this spread was laid out JUST FOR ME! i was like a kid in a candy store with so many cool options. good hardware can be just the finishing touch a project needs so this was almost overwhelming. almost. ;-)
 turns out, i was already a bit familiar with the brand, and didn't even know it- spec'd the egg knobs in my favorite flat black and the cylindrical pulls in nickel (in above photo) both on jobs within the last few years!

 i was able to see some fantastic "new to me" things as well, like these sexy faceted pulls. i'll be using these on a project soon i hope! they feel just a marvelous as they look, btw, a detail of no small importance when selecting hardware.

 look at the craftsmanship on these sandcast pulls- the metal is cast overseas, but the LA facility is responsible for quality control and all assembly, and also employs over 400 people here in the southland- yay for keeping jobs local!  again, this hardware has a marvelous heft to it, a sign of being well made.  nothing worse than a flimsy piece of metal to spoil the illusion of a well designed home.
 specifying door hardware can be tricky, but i was thrilled to learn that since all the knobsets are assembled locally, that if i want brass rosettes with my flat black knobs, emtek can make that happen! the options are pretty limitless.
 emtek is known for their chic crystal options in both modern and traditional shapes.
 and i probably took a hundred pictures of them in various stages of assembly cuz they were so damn pretty.

my trusty iphone also captured things like this traditional cast lever, something that i might not have considered before, but after seeing and touching in person is now definitely on my radar!
 these flat black knobs are so modern and chic, i am considering them for a classic black and white bath project (as well as maybe for own classic black and white kitchen!)  they are also available in a bigger version as a door knob that is so. damn. sexy. 
i even left with a door prize (pun intended). this glittery number i *may* have slipped into my pocket actually matches the original 1920's knobs throughout my home, so i'll be using him as a fun paperweight. ;-)

thanks for the inspiring factory tour emtek! and if you'd like to explore more and get inspired by this gorgeous hardware like i did, or find retailers in your area who carry emtek, please visit their website!

07 September 2014

just ROLL with it- wallpaper is back! (thank you, los angeles daily news)

just wanted to say thank you to suzanne sproul and the los angeles daily news for featuring two of my projects and several quotes in today's home section! a FULL page- i feel like a rockstar! and super honored to have my partner in wallpaper crime, tracy hiner of black crow studios featured as well. by the time you read this, sunday's paper will be on teh newsstands so click here to read the article in full!

03 September 2014

coffee table basics, my latest at 55 downing street

please visit 55 downing street for tips on coffee table selection (and styling)!

12 August 2014

branching out, my latest for 55 downing street!

visit 55 downing street for my latest picks to bring the outside in!

10 August 2014

thank you, calvin klein home! (repurposing a ck home "storm" marble candle)

 a while back, i posted about the new chic accessory line from calvin klein home, and mentioned that i was in love with the sculptural and minimalist signature fragrance marble vessel candles in the line. low and behold, the good folks at calvin klein were nice enough to send me one for my birthday this last may! score! thank you, calvin klein home!
i love how the storm candle blends seamlessly with my decor.
they did ask that i when i was done burning the candle, that i post a picture of how i would reuse the gorgeous marble vessel the candle comes in. well, i have been enjoying the HECK out of the delicious scent all summer long and have barely made a dent in the candle- it's big and lasts lasts over a hundred hours according to the site.  
classic hi/lo decor- the calvin klein home candle repurposed to hold a $11.99 trader joes orchid.  seriously- looks like a million bucks, right?
so i asked for them to send me an empty vessel (agreeing to send it back) so i could show everyone that not only is the CK home candle a value for how long it lasts, but that it lives on as a chic container for your home, forever. when is the last time you enjoyed a scented candle container after the candle is burned?
hand-carved in italy- so chic. (please ignore that i need to repaint my mantel :-)
when my orchid dies, i'm repurposing the container to hold paint brushes on my desk, and after that, who knows? i'm also thinking of splurging and buying the "midnight" black version of the candle for my black and white powder room because i think they are so darn chic.

thank you calvin klein home!