18 November 2007

great gift idea: decorating books!

one of maison21's favorite things to both give and receive during the holidays (or anytime) is a fabulous coffee table book- preferably on maison21's favorite subject: decorating! we love books with lots of pretty pictures (sometimes it hurts our brains to actually read), and they are always inspiring as well- they pick us up when we are down, and get the creative juices flowing when we have a case of designer's block. plus, not only are design books fun to look at, they are also functional decorative objects in their own right. maison21 likes to have a stack or two in almost every room of his home- they look great lined up on a shelf or piled on a table, stack them on high on the floor, or use just a few on a piece of furniture as a pedestal for a decorative objet. see? fun and versatile!

now here is where the shameless plug comes in: maison21 has just opened a shop at filled with his favorite decorating titles, just in time for holiday gift giving! now you don't have to aimlessly search amongst the thousands of titles on amazon, or wonder if the decorista in your life will like the title you've purchased- maison21 has put a great selection all in one spot for you, and they are all m21 approved- not a dud in the bunch. visit the maison21shop@amazon today, and start your holiday shopping with style!


Habitually Chic said...

Ha! You beat me to the punch! I was going to promote my new aStore this week too! Maybe I add that you were the inspiration for my store when I write my introductory post about you. Too funny!

maison21 said...

well, HC, i hope our readers will purchase cool books through each of our stores! best of luck to you with yours, and please keep up with all your fab blog posts- i make sure to visit everyday!

Ashley said...

I also love giving beautiful books on design, style, and so on. And I love receiving them even more! I think this is such a lovely gift. I keep my "coffee table books" strategically placed around our home and often enjoy them at unexpected turns an uneventful evening or afternoon into an inspiring time.

maison21 said...

ashley, i'm with you- much as i love to give a bokk, i REALLY love to receive one! i hope we both get lots under our trees this year!