19 November 2007

maison21 shops for a new bathroom faucet

this weekend, one of the handles to my bathroom sink faucet just kind of disintegrated, leaving maison21 a little bummed out. this time of year the last thing i wanted to think about was the expense of a plumber, and the vastly larger expense of a chic new faucet. i've specified a lot of fixtures for clients over the years, and i knew that finding a good replacement fixture for my bathroom sink wouldn't be cheap. don't get me wrong, you can get faucets at almost any home improvement store that are quite inexpensive but they usually look it too. that wouldn't work for moi as i wanted something more stylish to reflect the charming 1930's streamline moderne architecture of my home. i was pretty sure i'd have to shell out some serious cash, but before i went to waterworks and ordered one of their admittedly gorgeous and well made fixtures, i wanted to see if i could find something less expensive, because frankly i'd prefer to spend the money elsewhere- like maybe a few little xmas gifts for moi-self, like a chic white samsung flat screen t.v. for my kitchen, and an iphone would be nice too!

i recalled a recent article about renovating kitchens in domino magazine that featured a wall mount kitchen faucet (left) available for the incredible price of $80 at i thought it would be perfect if i ever needed something for my kitchen- basic, chrome, and slightly retro with cross handles (the important design feature for me). so off to i went, only to find their chrome bath faucet selection didn't really live up to the promise that kitchen fixture implied. i checked ebay as well, and what seemed like a million websites and found nothing that was doing it for me at that price point. i was beginning to lose hope until i hit, and found the perfect set- chrome with a vintage feel and cross handles- yippee! and the price? $99.00 plus $1 shipping! now i'm sure when i get my $100 faucet, the quality won't be nearly as good as that of waterworks, but i don't know if i'll care as i'm talking on my iphone and watching my new tv! let me know what you think of my find- waterworks is on top and overstock underneath in below photo:


Mrs. Blandings said...

great find - your blog looks great! Welcome to our little world.

KathleenG said...

I love it! Please send an update when you've installed it. And happy t-giving. I'm thankful I've just discovered your blog :)

maison21 said...

thank you mrs. blandings and kathleeng!

and i'll update when installed, kathleen! happy t-day to you too!