26 December 2008

teh giving season (itteh bitteh kitteh edishun)

the holidays are time for giving, right? so m21 wants to talk to you about really giving, by giving a homeless pet a new leash on life. here in southern california, the local news outlets have been giving attention to a serious and growing problem- not only are people being displaced from their homes by foreclosures and job losses, sadly their pets are being displaced too- often people can't take their pets with them because they are moving into "no pets allowed" apartments, or moving in with relatives with allergies; more often, people simply can no longer afford to care for their loved pet, and surrender them in hopes of finding them a better home.
maison21's oh-so-talkative first animal companion, the elegant "kitty"- she showed up on our doorstep one day, meowering up a storm and refused to leave. after unsuccessfully trying to wait her out for a couple days, m21 relented and fed her the only thing he had on hand- clam chowder. she loved it, and proceeded to spend many happy years with us (eating real cat food, mind you). she truly had nine lives (and i have the vet bills to prove it), and at the end, she was completely blind but still able to successfully navigate around the atelier. pretty amazing little gal. and the stories she could tell: "meor meow r ow meow mao mao mew, meorarow, meow"

the result is our animal shelters and rescues are overcrowded to bursting, and many pets that would normally be kept until they found a good home, are now on death row due to overcrowding. all through no fault of their own.
mister, teh first stray mona found (she has a nose for kitties), now has a home with one of maison21's good friends, and she spoils him rotten. (he was named mister because of the 'm' his fur pattern forms on his forehead).

if teh problem is worsening here in relatively wealthy southern california, m21 is sure it's bad for animals everywhere, and since you know m21's own furry family are amongst the highlights of his life, he is encouraging ANYONE who might be thinking of taking the pet plunge, to do so by adopting a little friend from a local animal shelter or rescue. one visit seeing those little furry faces staring back at you at, and you'll want to help. it's worth a visit just to look, even if you aren't thinking about adoption. ok- we admit it, we're trying to trick you into visiting- you know one free try, and soon you're hooked. but we swear- there are worse addictions then puppies and kitties- addictions that love you back aren't really addictions at all, are they?

napoleon and josephine- two more of mona's finds (really, after finding so many kittehs, mona's lucky she ever gets walks at all). these two were the most beautiful kittens we've ever seen- if they weren't playing, you could see their big blue eyes. so darn cute, and really affectionate too. we would have for sure kept them, 'cept it would have been a pretty unfair thing to kitty, m21's blind and elderly cat- watch the video and you'll see why! napoleon might be the luckiest stray cat in the entire universe- his new mom takes him with her to work everyday, along with his doggie brother! we didn't even know cats were portable like that. (ours isn't, we tried it once- 2 hours in a car with a screaming fighting kitten- nope, our cat is house bound 4 life).

this is tulip, probably the spunkiest of our little rescues- she had two states of being: attacking or sleeping, with nothing in between- what a little character! maison21 had her for several weeks and was beginning to worry about finding her a new home, when in one of those weird twists of fate, m21 struck up a random conversation with a women in an antique store who mentioned she was on her way to the shelter afterward to adopt an adult cat to replace the one she recently lost to cancer. she even had her cat carrier in the car for the new adoptee, along with treats and toys! and get this, she aid she was looking for a extremely playful and active cat! lucky 'lil tulip- the fates smiled on her that day!

we certainly understand not everyone can give a pet a home, but if you can't, and you happen to have a little extra in your post-xmas budget, maison21 urges you to donate a little money (or time) to a local shelter or rescue- like all non-profits in this economy, they are hurting. there are all kinds of small private rescues on petfinder who operate on a shoestring, and the extremely dedicated people who run them would welcome any monetary help. we know of one pet rescuer, who on her office manager salary, pays to rescue and privately board dogs that are facing being put to sleep- to the tune of hundreds of dollars a month. this is in addition to the pets she fosters at her own home, and the pet adoption fairs where she volunteers at least once a month. we know from our own few rescues just how costly and time consuming fostering pets can be, so if you have a little extra abundance in your life, why not donate to a worthy cause? the cute lil' kitties and pups will thank you for it- even if they can't say so themselves...

richard (far right), with his sisters, piglet and paris (she was blond and had a lazy eye- what else could m21 name her?). if you are a long time reader, you'll know richard's story- his sisters were immediately adopted, but nobody seemed to want a boy kitteh. during our search for a good home, m21's beloved miss kitty sadly passed away and well, we already had the litter box set up and everything, so ... (it might sound callous to fill her place so quickly, but m21 actually highly recommends it- it's hard to mourn when a tiny ball of fluff is mercilessly attacking you 24/7).

last, if adopting a pet is out of teh question, and if a donation is out because your budget has the post-xmas, recessionary blues (trust us, we understand), here's one thing everybody can do to help teh animuls for absolutely free! simply visit and click- every click raises funds for animal rescue! it's like magic! just click. and you'd REALLY be helping if you were to forward the info along to your entire address book- teh more clicks, the more little lives saved! email and click, click, click. giving doesn't get any easier than that!

maison21 knows he may have bummed you out a bit with this post- homeless doggies and kittehs aren't the most light-hearted item we've ever posted on decorative but not serious... so as a palate cleanser, why not go check out teh funny LOLcatz pics at i can has cheezeburger- they always make us smile.

last, here's a funny little pet picture of our own- an outtake from our xmas photo shoot with richard. we took about 50 pictures of him wearing his santa hat and beard, and this is how at least 49 of them turned out:


Pigtown-Design said...

So funny. You know Connor came from the city pound. He'd been there for six weeks and was nearing the end of his time...

My two besties in the 'hood just had to put their lab/border collie mix to sleep. He got sepsis from a surgery and was gone in 24 hours. A week later, they adopted a little lab mix puppy who's 8 weeks old. He's learning how to torture his uncle Connor who's not amused.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your timely post! I have a rescued greyhound and we recently adopted a cat that showed up on our doorsteps. A week later we rescued a pit bull that was being put to sleep only because the woman's grandchildren were not allowed to visit with it there. Greyhound, pit bull and cat are all best buddies and everyone getting along great!

G in CT

Dianne said...

We have something in common...I have a 15 year old cat that is blind. He knows exactly where he is and what he wants! LOL He is so old and very feisty when his cousin the black lab, comes to visit!!!!

hello gorgeous said...

You're a good man, M21.

tula said...

Darling, thank you so much for this post. As always, you are absolutely lovely. We, too, are the parents of two foreclosure cats and one abandoned cat we're so happy we were able to give them a home. Happy holidays to you and your little furry bundles. Love the Christmas card, too! xoxo

maison21 said...

meg- connor and mona both are ex-cons, having done time behind bars! glad your friends were able to turn theri sorrow into joy...

G in CT - awww- greyhound, pit and kitty all getting along- too sweet!

dianne- isn't it amazing how well they get around? i'm sure mine was blind for quite some time before i figured it out.

gorgeous- thanks! usually when i compare myself to charlie brown, it's with me as charlie believing that lucy is REALLY going to let me kick that football this time.

good on ya! tula- i worry most about kitties, because so many people think they'll survive on their own, and sadly, they don't. happy holidays to you as well!

Melissa said...

love the post!! I found my two kittens through pet finder. they are super cute. I can haz cheesburger? is also a book! My fiance picked it up as a stocking stuffer for me, from my furry girls. Hilarious. One of my kittens is a Russian blue just like the one on the cover... she definitely would eat a cheesburger if I let her.

Habitually Chic said...

My friend who I never thought would own a cat rescued a Himalyan a few days away from its end. I love getting photos of him and his new baby. He is so cute.

I am not allowed to have pets in my building as much as I want one so I might spend some of my new free time to volunteer at the ASPCA on 59th Street.

MIMILEE said...

I rescued three sibling kitties whose MOM decided to leave them on my doorstep (literally) and now they are spoiled rotten! Gracie , Annie, and TIGER(he looks like a tiger!) are now our precious family members. They join a spoiled rotten Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, BO! Loved this post......It warmed my heart!