16 November 2008

if this doesn't make you happy, then nothing can...

one of the reasons (of many) i haven't posted much lately is this- i am obsessed with watching this internet phenomenon, and plan to remain so for three more weeks until they leave for their new homes:

if nothing is happening, then check back later- it's worth it, m21 guarantees.

07 November 2008


maison21 was recently searching online for a fairly inexpensive metallic silver-glazed garden stool, like the above- we thought it could be pretty as a shower seat in our client's new bathroom. we knew we saw one somewhere that wouldn't break the budget- west elm? cb2? in our search, we ran across m21 doesn't know a thing about about them, really, but they sure gots lots o' stools!

a sampling:

06 November 2008

things are already different...

whether you are for or against, there is no arguing that things are already different...go visit, and let the new guy know what's on your mind.

ps: you might want to mention that the white house is looking a little dowdy, and you know just the decorator to spruce things up- it's time for change... of decor!

05 November 2008

maison21 takes a field trip...

y'all know that maison21 prides himself on his ability to sniff out a bargain- you know saving a little money on some things, so he can splurge somewhere else, yet keep the overall look luxe. so he's been a bit embarrassed when friends have commented on their finds from the homegoods chain, to admit he's never ever visited...

so we decided to take a post-election day field trip to see if the homegoods chain should be a stop on m21's cheap n' chic shopping tour, or if it should stay on our list of places we do not need to grace with our presence. our verdict? something in the middle- like any close-out chain, there is a reason the goods end up there- most items are cheaply made and not so stylish, and lots of stuff was just plain ol' broke down crapola. of course, there are always a few jewels amidst all the poo-poo, but m21 would not probably make another special trip to find them, but if we were driving right past one, and not pressed for time, it could be worth a stop.

amongst the finds on maison21's visit:

these faux bamboo folding chairs were kinda cute for extra seating, but only in the white and black lacquer finish- the silver and gold just looked cheap. if you are looking for something a little more permanent in the way of inexpensive dining chairs, maison21 would recommend just going with a classic banquette chiavari chair (just google "chiavari chiar")- they are widely available, and dirt cheap.
we also liked these pseudo-gustavian antique repro chairs for $299.

thought these glass obelisks were cool, but we'd immediately throw away the cheap plastic stands. we would have bought them too, but the large one had a chip, so 40 bucks seemed like a lot for damaged goods.

we would have bought one of these mirror framed mirrors as well, but every single one was broken- that's a lot of bad luck, homegoods!

these lamps weren't bad for $129.00- a little shiny for our tastes (doesn't make sense, we know, as m21 loves himself some shiny things, but these were just a little off). still, in the right room, they could work, and the price is good.

this "hotel"-esque king coverlet struck us as a good buy as well, for $79.99.
in the end, this leopard print door mat was the only thing we brought home- leopard print is always a dicey proposition, as it can seem so jackie collins, but hey- for $7.99, we'll risk it!

anyone out there have any good homegoods finds of their own they'd like to share?


no pictures, no humor, no sarcasm, no irony, and certainly no gloating. just a small, quiet, hopeful, and somewhat tear-stained, yay.

03 November 2008

let's take a break from this whole election thing, k?

as you know, the maison21 blog is completely non-partisan- we are only in favor of pretty 'round here, so until the "pretty party" is invented, maison21 will never publicly endorse any political candidate, or try to influence anyone's vote.

so we thought we'd take a break from all this election stuff, to share a photo of the prettiest 'lil buccaneer we know, our friend lucy- who along with her parents, joined maison21 in attending his neighborhood association's completely adorable halloween carnival. isn't she the cutest?

now, after that cute break, you can get back to fretting over the outcome of tomorrow's election. remember, maison21 is completely and totally non-partisan. swear.

02 November 2008

oh happy day!

it's the little things in life that make maison21 happy- like finding mrs. meyer's now makes a scented dryer sheet, so m21's towels and sheets can have his favorite lavender scent- yay! a little more 'spensive than bounce, but in belt tightening times, it seems like a truly affordable luxury at $7.99 a box. who says money can't buy happiness?