23 January 2009

this weekend: ART LA 2009

if you are in los angeles this weekend, you might want to head on over to ART LA 2009 at the santa monica airport's barker hanger, (for those less cultured-like moi- that's where the barney's sale happens every year). if you cant afford to purchase a masterpiece from one of the 60 galleries showing at the fair, you can at least afford to console yourself with a stiff drink, as they've set up a version of chinatown's mountain bar inside the hanger. btw, why don't they do that for the barney's sale, too? we know we buy more unflattering and over-priced fashions while shopping with our judgment pleasantly impaired. what a great way to compensate for falling retail sales...

ART LA 2009 Jan 23-25, Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, 323-937-4659

*** painting at top of post has absolutely nothing to do with the ART LA fair. studio annetta recently ran a post about a chair she coveted being auctioned at pierre bergé & associése. silly us- m21 went to check out their offerings, and now we can't stop thinking about the above andré bloc abstract composition, with an auction estimate of 8000 euros- it would look absolutely fabulous hanging on the wall of our living room here at the m21 atelier. on a completely unrelated topic, do you think a slightly used kidney would fetch 8000 euros on the open market? just curious.


Tracy said...

You see, there's where our "make cheap stuff look expensive" philosophy fails us. Art isn't furniture. You can't take it home and reupholster it in a better fabric or give it a new life by stripping and refinishing. And art is almost always an emotional purchase whereas furnishings are usually brought in to meet practical needs. So while I wouldn't advise you to sell your kidney for a sofa, I can understand why you might for great art. (you have little kid friends or relatives right? get a canvas and some spackle and some tissue paper and mod podge and have them make you an "abstract composition". i dare you)

Ivy Lane said...

Tracy is right on!! If you don't have any "little kid friends" ...I am sure you can make a fab piece of art yourself! I am sure we ALL would wait with bated breath to see the finished product! Who knows...maybe millions of others would contemplate giving up a kidney for one of your works of art! :)

As for ArtLA 2009! I wish there was an ArtCLEVLAND 2009 this weekend! Unfortunately, it is snowing and 17 balmy degrees!