28 March 2009

rich bitch.

my daddy says thanks for stopping by his pop-up store today! everybody had fun, and he says once people pick up all their stuff, he might actually have enough room in the garage to set up a spot to paint. as for me, i cleaned up with the whole "$1 stinky dog breath kisses" thing, so i'm off to petco to buy treats. lots and lots of treats...





Bonnie said...

LOL! Way to go! Congratulations Christian! And Mona too!

TOCHA said...

I hereby nominate Mona for the Salesperson of the Month award. (Does Richard handle accounts receivable?)

Leslie Rowlands said...

Ok your posts crack me up!
I hope your baby is using her $$ to get some goodies!
lamaisonfou blog

Pigtown-Design said...

Connor's jealous.