27 August 2009

cheap n' chic tweet recap, pt 1

if for some odd reason,you aren't following m21 on twitter ;-), we've taken to occasionally tweeting about the shiny things that have grabbed our attention in our obsessive trolling of the internets- just a random collection of cool stuff we figure someone, somewhere, needs to own, since much as we'd like, we can't buy everything. sometimes the finds are big ol' bargains, sometimes they are just chic or noteworthy. here's a recap of a few recent picks so those of you not part of the twitterverse aren't left out (don't worry- we didn't get it either until very recently, so we understand tweet avoidance- totally):


mary said...

Those zebra needlepoint rugs are amazing--use to upholster a bench or pillows!!! Thanks. Still do not Twitter.

Lucinda said...

I love those frames!