04 September 2009

a new addition (room & board, culver city)

we just posted about the fabulous hd buttercup in the helms bakery building in culver city, and we were quite pleased to get a mailer from room & board that very day, announcing a new retail location in that very same ginormous complex, opening october 5th!
we just ordered a room & board sofa for a client, and weren't displeased with it at all- for a thousand bucks, it beat the pants off ikea- plus room & board had it shipped to us in about a week, because we ordered in the stock fabric. really, not such a bad option- much as we wish every client had the budget for completely handmade sofa from the amazing workroom we use here in los angeles (true quality that will last a lifetime), often the budget or time restraints don't allow for it. in this instance we originally wanted to find something vintage and reupholster but we needed a very specific smaller size which proved to be a more difficult task then anticipated- so enter room & board. as we said, it's a great value for the money, and while it's not as well made as one of our custom sofas, it was only a fraction of the price (and the lead time), and frankly, not everyone needs or wants an heirloom quality sofa. plus, we like the fact that room & board actually makes their furniture here in the US, rather than china, so we are a little more comfortable with ordering.

if you visit the new room & board and hd buttercup, be sure to stop into father's office for one of their tasty burgers and a pint. it's the crowded patio next to hd buttercup's entrance, so you can't miss it. warning: the burgers are delish, but father's office is one of those places with a learning curve, so best to read up before you venture in...

(photo via eater LA)


Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

I'm so far out here in the IE, I still haven't ever been to H D Buttercup, but with a Room & Board across the street, I might have to schedule a field trip!

mary said...

Yes!!! Made in the USA. We do manufacture great furniture, fabrics and just about everything else.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you even like your lunch with attitude!

Your fan in RI

Anonymous said...

"it's not as well made as one of our custom sofas"

Have you seen the inside of a Room & Board sofa?

maison21 said...

tracy, come on over- i'll meet you for your feild trip!

mary, made in the usa should be a rallying cry- i firmly believe that manufacturing and artisan jobs are integral to a healthy economy and society, and one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in today is because we forgot that.

actually, RI fan, i prefer my lunch served by a super friendly, (and hot) waiter- but attitude can be fun for a change! ;-)

anon- you are correct- i have never seen the inside of a room and board sofa, but i DO see the inside of a custom sofa when i order it from my workroom, and i know that i can specify the type of hardwood the frame is constructed of, the type of support used- ie, webbing type and 8-way hand-tied springs, the fill composition and how it is secured to remain in good shape for the life of the sofa, the feather/down/foam composition of the cushions, etc. i look at the sofa in many stages of construction, and always approve it in burlap or muslin before fabric is applied, so yes, i can categorically state any custom sofa ordered through the workrooms i use, is extremely well-made, and better then the product of a mass production factory used by room & board.

if you can show me somewhere on their website that proves me wrong, and that this is their upholstery process as well, i will concede my point. until then, you'll have to be happy with the fact that i said a room & board sofa was nice value for the money.

just m21's professional opinion, but he'll stand by it. so there. ;-)

Nicolette said...

Well, custom sofas are more superior, I can vouch to that. But at the same time, for most interiors I've seen, it really doesn't need a custom sofa. Instead, more attention should go into storage shelving and arrangements.