03 September 2009

what's up, buttercup? (m21 shopping trip @ HD Buttercup)

sometimes being a decorator is a pretty fabulous job- we get to be around pretty things everyday, the people we work with are fun and fabulous, and best of all, we get to shop until we drop! don't get m21 wrong here- it is a job, and is often tedious and incredibly stressful (oh the stories m21 can tell! client meltdowns complete with tears and screaming in public places over choosing the right white kitchen tiles, or the client who called on christmas morning letting m21 know that he ruined their xmas because the bed they just received was not put together properly and squeaked; or simply the mind numbing amount of busy work involved in the creation of a custom sofa with a couple of pretty pillows- 3 months of calls, emails and workroom visits; as well as a generated stack of paperwork an inch high- we kid you not!) but by and large, as jobs go, being an interior decorator is a pretty good one- great clients (99%), great boss (me), great uniform (shorts and a polo) and great working conditions (my home)- and did i mention we get to shop? alot? for our clients, for ourselves; for fun, to keep abreast of whats available, sometimes simply out of habit; we shop, and shop, and shop...

one of maison21's favorite places to shop- even if only for inspiration- is HD Buttercup in nearby culver city. why HD buttercup? because it has EVERYTHING under one gigantic roof- upholstery, lighting, accessories, carpets; antiques, vintage, new; rustic, modern, exotic; custom or off the rack- you name it, and they probably have it somewhere inside the ginormous former bread factory. the only place maison21 has shopped that is even similar, is ABC carpet & home in NYC, and buttercup makes ABC look like the corner deli in comparison to costco. the price differential is similar too- like getting one roll of toilet paper for 6.99 or 12 rolls for the same price! ok, maybe not that drastic, but buttercup does have bargains new yorkers can only dream of (and of course, like costco, some of the merchandise is caveat emptor, too).

the schtick at buttercup is they are a 'manutailer'- different manufacturers set up and stock their own 'factory direct' showrooms within the complex, but HD simplifies things by having one stop check out and cohesive customer service. upon entering the building, you wonder through a series of different (and vast) showrooms, each with a unique brand of merchandise- slightly confusing at first, but overall a cornucopia of design goodness. a word to the wise- many of the goods, even though you may see 20 of the same thing, are a one time only buy- go back in a month and that seemingly exhaustible supply will be all bought up!

one of the 'showrooms' inside HD buttercup is andrew martin, and it's kinda fabulous- a great mix of ethnic, vintage and fab modern chromed steel and lucite pieces. massive pair consoles? yes, please. 5 foot chrome obelisk, um- ok!

m21 couldn't believe this chic chrome and leather chaise for $1395.00- he thought they left a zero off the price!

m21 really wanted to bring this chrome chinoiserie coffe table home, but he was scared it would attract the wrong element- all of young hollywood, paris, linsday, et al- would be drawn to it's broad expanse of smooth, mirrored surface like moths to a flame- can't chance that!
and these kilim sofas are just right... for richard! with all that loose yarn waving about, you'd never notice his damage! (sadly, they are itchy in person- even through clothes).

loving these petrified wood tables, both the trunk tops and the tiled top- flinstones modern yumminess!

these mirrored tables are another reason why we love buttercup- lotsa style for little money- the little black legged coffee table is just $479 and the mirror-top end tables are $279. m21 wants to use them in a young career girl's first 'real' apartment, sort of a 'that girl 2009' fantasy (oh, did m21 mention that in addition to real clients, decorators sometimes make up imaginary ones too? well, this decorator does, anyway)...

you have now explored 1/10,000th of what HD Buttercup has to offer- more later! (and, yes, we swear they have things that aren't quite so shiny- we'll get to 'em, promise)!


Tammy Tant said...

I'm loving that chaise and party table. I wish we had a store like that in NC.

Chukker said...

That coffee table is sooooo good!
We want THAT.

Sean said...

Diggin' that tiled petrified wood table! Great post m21.

Tisha said...

Thanks Buttercup.
Holy smoking mirrors on that chrome chinoiserie coffee table, love it. I saw it there!
They use to have a PAIR of tall armoires in the same finish! Imagine those in your room :-0

honey living said...

seems like a mecca. going on my "to visit" list.

love your blog - adding to my feed and blogroll!

i saw you liked the kilim couch...i just did a post on a kilim bench and stool from PB - check it out:

columnist said...

"m21 really wanted to bring this chrome chinoiserie coffe table home, but he was scared it would attract the wrong element- all of young hollywood, paris, linsday, et al".... and the other two as well. But I'm glad you have such a sense of civic duty!!