19 October 2009

banish the monday blues (our favorite post of the year so far)


Hairspray -- much like health care -- is a RIGHT, not a privilege."

how can that photo (and caption) not make you smile? courtesy of WHORANGE. the color of craving- one of our favorite blogs, full of random stuff, both design related and otherwise, always written in a hilariously entertaining style by whorange herself, tula jeng.

and did we mention she has the best blog title in all of the interwebs? whorange. genius.

happy monday.


La Maison Fou said...

Great....checking out the blog!

mary said...

Hi Christian--The wall is great, but the new look to the blog makes everything look fresh and new and fantastic.

Pigtown-Design said...

I was at Book Thing on Sunday and there must have been five copies of the Pat Nixon book!

tula said...

oh honey, i love you! i'm deeply honored. winning miss america has nothing on being maison's missy.

and thank you for being far and beyond fabulous, a gift to decor, a thoughtful activist, and a loyal friend to our furry little pets. xoxo

maison21 said...

lmf- whorange is a hoot- do go!

thanks, mary- much appreciated!

meg- pat is the first first lady i can remember (barely) and i thought she was very chic. looking at that photo, i wonder- what was i thinking?

maison21 said...

tula- THANK YOU! i ran across that picture again the other day, and it made me laugh out loud all over again. i figured i needed to put it on my blog so it could make me smile all the time!