27 February 2009

l.a. weekend shopping- diva warehouse sale

we really hope they have a bargain price on one of the giant foot sculpture/chaise things used at the standard hotel. while out shopping for a client yesterday, we saw one in the window of the DIVA store on robertson, and were reminded of it's black foam rubber awesomeness. totally need. we'll even take a factory second, or floor sample with serious issues, like maybe a diabetic amputated toe model...

26 February 2009

c'mon, get happy!

will somebody please buy this, and paint it a mondrian patchwork?

we would ourselves, but sometimes trying to park our lil truck, the granny clampett (so named because it's often piled high with old furniture) feels like trying to park a bus, so trying to do so with the real thing is waaaay beyond our abilities. plus, in our opinion "CNG" is short for "fireball" and we'd rather not become barbecue...


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25 February 2009

got milk?

cute right? buy it here (have no idea what the cause is about, but hey- it's only $3.oo bucks).

24 February 2009

cheap 'n chic: pineapple lanterns (and an observation)

maison21 is a sucker for all things pineapple (especially on pizza- yum), so he thinks he needs some of these fun $24.95 pineapple lanterns from z gallerie for his next outdoor soirée. 'cuz he hosts so many outdoor soirées, you know... this perplexing dilemma presents itself in the decorating world all the time, turning m21 into a armchair psychoanalyst: "do we really need to squeeze a dining table to accommodate 12 into your small dining area, because you frequently host large dinner parties? or do these dinner parties exist only in your head, and in reality it's just you, the hubby and little emma, eating fishsticks at the kitchen table? sometimes our fantasy lives are ever so much more glamorous than our reality, and truth be told it's more fun to decorate for the fantasy, than the mundane reality. case in point- if we get those lanterns, at least mona will have some pretty candlelight by which to tinkle in the yard...

23 February 2009

los angeles shopping: environment furniture

while driving down beverly blvd., maison21 has been intrigued by a newly opened store with a huge video installation of a waving field of grass. the store is environment furniture, specializing in eco-friendly chic, and the stunningly gorgeous video installation is "at any given moment, grass" by rebeca mendez. so beautiful.
environment furniture specializes in furniture using "reclaimed, recycled or repurposed wood and canvas, providing true diversity in both appearance and texture." we really liked the raw finish used on many of the wood pieces- very industrial chic.
we thought this sofa made of recycled denim was pretty cool:
the over-dyed canvas used on this low loungy sofa was also interesting and unusual. environment certainly has a definite, defined aesthetic, and a unique, cohesive point of view. we like that- kind of like garanimals, you know all the pieces will work well together...
we'd been intrigued by the video wall when driving by, but what finally got us to park the car and head inside were the giant anglepoise lamps scattered throughout the showroom. we are a bit obsessed with them (we posted about similar here).
we were very happy we went inside too, as we found a stool we'd like to use in the dining area of a loft project we're working on- we're going for an eclectic, industrial chic vibe, and environment's 360˚ stools fit the bill perfectly. kismet. even if your taste runs more to the traditional, and environment's lounge-y, loft-y vibe ain't your cup of tea, maison21 recommends a visit to the showroom just to see the video installation- it is amazing...

Environment Furniture, Inc.

8126 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
t 323-782-0296 f 323-782-0989
Mon-Sat 10-7 Sun 11-6

20 February 2009

faux-er bois

faux bois has never been faux-er than in this charming lucite side table with a stylized wood grain pattern from gus, and at $235.00 (via, maison21 likes the realness of the price tag. m21 is in the process of selecting furnishings for a new bachelor pad loft project, and we sure wouldn't mind finding a spot for one of them! we love the idea of pairing it with a beat-up old antique chair...

19 February 2009


think it'll fit on our patio?

maison21 totally wants to be a gentleman of leisure, and spend his afternoons in his conservatory tending to his rare orchid collection (before tea of course, but after our languid morning of letter-writing). *sigh* born 150 years too late and about a million pounds too poor to live out our victorian gentleman fantasy, but it's always fun to indulge in a flight of fancy via a pretty object or two, and we found this massive bit of pretty via the vintage and modern website weekly update email.

ps- we love that fact that the guys at vintage and modern are providing an outlet for antique dealers who are not part of the 1stdibs network- really, the more the merrier, in our opinion, and we know from experience that sometimes the best buys in vintage and antiques aren't in new york, los angeles or miami, but in hoboken, palm springs or fort lauderdale- but guys, do us a favor, please? in your weekly "what's new" email, lead with the pictures not the text- you had us at pretty...

17 February 2009

cheap 'n chic pillows: fabricadabra

we randomly stumbled across the "fabricadabra" website, and thought we'd share it with you. the website is primitive and the photography is positively atrocious, but they have some beautiful handmade pillow covers sourced from all over world: kilims, batiks, suzinanis, ikats and wools- all well priced, pretty, and charmingly handcrafted. maison21 thinks it's worth a visit.

13 February 2009

happy vd from m21

hoping you have someone to snuggle in bed with this valentines day weekend...

12 February 2009


the last issue of domino arrived, and maison21 flipped though it with a heavy heart. sad because it's gone forever, and also sad because the most of the last issue was "meh"- nothing special, and we really wanted our beloved domino to go out with bang, not a whimper.

at least the last issue gave m21 one seared into his design memory bank moment: nina campbell's living room- so chic with it's mixture of glitzy 80's and antiques. love.
and that mantle? OMFG! (as the kids say)- old maison's heart actually stopped for a second. sheer perfection- all shiny brass, mirrored chrome(?) and glossy black (love the lacquered geese too). and the pièce de résistance? crystal logs! so damned chic (and useless), m21 just can't stand it!

thanks domino, for giving us one last parting image to savor, and in an odd way, that image will help us get over your loss... you see, m21 will be far too busy to mourn domino's passing, as he now has a new project to occupy his time: we've bought plywood and are going to just bolt it over the disgusting hole in our living room wall we used to call a fireplace- if we can't have nina's, we'd prefer not to have one at all...

bye, domino- i'll miss you.

11 February 2009

things that go bump in the night...

sometimes even pretty homes can harbor dark secrets...

in the middle of the night, we heard a thump outside our bedroom- mona let out a soft growl and went back to sleep, but richard went nuts. m21, wondering what all the excitement was about, busted out his handy earthquake flashlight, and found this, outside on our balcony wall (mere feet from our bed, mind you):
ratatouille, up close and personal. yuck.

we spent most of the rest of the night wondering if rats could slither under the weather stripping on our french doors (thankfully, the google says although they can fit through remarkably small spaces, the tiny space under our doors is safe). the google also tells us that los angeles is home to a large and healthy black or tree rat population, though they usually aren't glimpsed as often as their NYC brown rat counterparts because they prefer to live high up in palm trees and on roofs (we imagine that was the thump we heard- ratatouille jumping off the roof onto our balcony wall- hopefully just passing through on his way to visit the neighbors). we also found lots of references for "tree rats & beverly hills", so hey, we're in good company too! the more we read, the less freaked out we became- just as our mild weather and abundant fruit trees make southern california a paradise for humans, seems our rodent friends like it too...

still, sometimes it's better not to know what goes bump in the night... and if the things that go bump in the night ever decide to come live indoors, we're moving!

09 February 2009

save the date(s) for a real klassy event...

if you looking to klass up your home, you'll want to block out april 21st through april 25th, to attend a series of auctions featuring "An array of treasures from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch". TREASURES! 5 days of treasures! we can't wait.

and we are TOTALLY buying an autographed auction catalog for $500.00 (we can't think of a sounder investment for our uncertain times than signed michael jackson memorabilia).

from the julien's auctions website:

Julien's Auctions will host a 7 day museum quality exhibition at 9900 Wilshire adjacent to The Beverly Hilton open to the public on Tuesday April 14th through Monday April 20th, the auction begins on Tuesday, April 21st and runs through Saturday April 25th.

save the date(s)!

06 February 2009

cheap, but not so chic...

today's post was to be about a fabulous find or two we discovered on we say was, because though we'll probably get to the good stuff at some point, today's post is not about the cool stuff we found at, but rather about a pretty uncool find...
does the above chair look familiar? well, it should, because it's a cheap knock off of a thomas pheasant for baker chair (below). why does maison21 have a problem with this? isn't he about the look for less? well, yes, we are all about that- we love "in the style of" just as much as genuinely "designed by", and never have a problem mixing the two together- style is always paramount to pedigree in our book. so why the problem? because this is just outright piracy- the below chair is something mr. pheasant painstakingly designed, and baker paid for him for the intellectual property rights, and then paid more to actually build prototypes, and to make samples, and print marketing materials, and on and on. then some dude in china sees it on the baker website, decides to copy it in a cheap and clunky fashion, and ultimately sell it to overstock, who in turn sells it for a small fraction of the price of the baker original. not cool.
not only did overstock have the nerve to knock the chair off, it's made worse by the fact that they are selling it on their website as "baker leather dining chairs" two for $299.99. that's the extremely uncool part (and what truly moves it into the piracy corner). for all we know, perhaps mr. pheasant took his design from a long out of production tommi parzinger chair, tweaked it and called it his own- m21 has no way of knowing that, and that kind of thing goes on all the time in the design world- but he didn't call it a "parzinger" chair, and it wasn't still under copyright, earning money for another firm. maison21 can think of all kinds of variations on the chair overstock could have made instead, to give the same "feeling" but without being a blatant rip-off; and we really think that's ok- after all, designers have been riffing on one another's work as long as there have been man made objects, and that won't change anytime soon. plus, we really do like the idea of offering chicness at different price points for different markets; but there is a line that can be crossed between a homage and a knock-off, and this chair for sure crossed that line.

bad you are in time-out for this week's posts!

04 February 2009

mad for decorating (home tour w/mad men's bryan batt)

did y'all know that a member of the sexiest cast of the sexiest show on television, is mad for decorating? we stumbled across this "decorate like a mad man, with bryan batt" video on if you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a viewing...
batt also owns a home and giftware store called hazelnut (also in new orleans). m21 visited the store's website and really liked these b&w photo print pillows by roy barloga. who knew television stars could could have secret lives as decorators? we're mad for the idea!

02 February 2009

better late than never- our #1 room from the 2008 mags...

we hoped to finish up our top three selections from the stacks of 2008 decorating magazines we have laying around the maison21 atelier before the end of january, but sometimes life gets in the way, ya know? so we stretched into february a bit- there are worse things in life, right? as we've said many times before, punctuality is a trait we greatly admire- in others. for our self? not so much.

to recap, our number 3 pick was the home of monique lhuillier. it stood out out for us not only because it was modern, clean and tailored, but also because it was unusual to see a monochromatic gray color palette that seemed cheerful and fresh as opposed to somber and morose. maison21 thought it was absolutely gorgeous...

our number 2 choice was a new york apartment designed by bill sofield- simply some of the prettiest, most jaw-droppingly opulent, yet entirely restrained decorating we've seen in a long, long time. maison21 thought it was truly sublime...

so how does one top gorgeous and sublime? to become maison21's favorite image (of thousands, probably) culled from the piles of decor magazines m21 was exposed to in 2008? simple. you do it by being different, and serving up something maison21 has never seen before (no easy task, that- we like to think we've seen it all).

the image that caused maison21 sit up and take notice was the following dining room from the late "o at home" magazine designed by darryl carter. to maison21's eye, it was a truly different and fresh approach to decorating- we also loved that it turned some traditional decorating "wisdom" on it's head. the editors at "o at home" titled the project "old + new", but maison21 would have titled it "screw you, pretty view" (and we mean that as compliment- seriously).
decorating wisdom says pretty views are supposed to framed, not obscured- people pay extra for them, right? but mr. carter went against tradition and logic, and made the bold move to put up big, massive, bookshelves in front of what looks to be a spectacular vista. shouldn't work, but it does- a moment of brilliant, throw-away chic: "oh, this old fabulous view? it's not nearly as good as our other views, and we really needed space for all our beloved books, so..."

genius, genius, genius.

the rest of the room ain't bad either- mr. carter correctly surmised that a chandelier would fight with the shelves, so he didn't install one, instead drilling the dining table to accommodate table lamp wires. (yay! the kind of attention to detail that m21 loves). the wing chairs lend a true library vibe to what is essentially a dining room, and the white-on-white floor, walls and ceiling make the whole thing seem to float. (another stroke of decorating genius was the antique carpet turned over to the reverse- who does that?). on the whole, the room is both traditional and new, with classic elements used in a nontraditional and unexpected way. it takes a lot to get jaded maison21 to admit he has seen something new in the world of decorating, but those shelves are truly new and different. maison21 can't wait until he has an opportunity to copy them! ;-)

congrats on a masterful job, mr. carter!