01 April 2010

speaking of cool wallpaper (via balustrade & bitters)

a fabulous windowpane plaid wallpaper?

look closer:
love it- a bit subversive, yet not overwhelmingly so. this barbed wire photo-realistic wallpaper is part of the rinekwall line of custom wall coverings. cool stuff.

we also loved the salmon skin:

and the mariposas libres- kind of a like a damien hirst butterfly painting, but without the icky dead insect carcass part:

we discovered the rinekwall line while exploring the balustrade and bitters encyclopedia, an "online community for the design and arts industries" and the brainchild of coleen rider (of coleen and company, as well as the balustrade and bitters magazine). the b&b encyclopedia is still in it's infancy, but is already a great resource to connect with people in the design industry, so we suggest if you are a part of said industry, y'all get on board now, while the gettin' is is good! you'll be joining a great cast of designers, manufacturers, creators, retailers and bloggers- including a few friends you might be familiar with like a bloomsbury life, style court, style curator, and yes, moi.


artluvr said...

Salmon skin, fabulous! All silvery and textural. Butterflies, cute. Barbed wire, not so much. Smacks of the skull/taxidermy trends I also hated. But what do I know?

Sue in RI

maison21 said...

sue, i don't necessarily disagree about the barbed wire- that's why i threw in the butterflies to offset it!

i'd use the barbed wire in a room, but only as the one unexpected element and *never* with taxidermy, skulls or anything else that smacked of "goth". ick!

Christine Schwalm Design said...

Did you see the article in the NY Times yesterday that featured wallpaper inspired by Disney's Fantasia? Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterflies. And I love Balustrade and Bitters!

Ivy Lane said...

mmmm.... butterflies and barbed wire!!! I must say.. I do like the salmon skin...where would you put it?? I think maybe a bar area with a big mirror or mirrored tray, lots of silver shakers, crystal...... could be very cool...

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

The butterfly wallpaper is so ethereal my heart is skipping beats! And I'd pair the barbed wire paper with a red tartan fabric to create a kind of Viv Westwood/Sex Pistols homage.

Marija said...

I really like the salmon skin - but the name salmon skin sort of creeps me out. But not as much as the barbed wire. I like the butterflies okay. But I think I'm sticking with the salmon and all ;)