14 April 2010


it won't make m21 a better photographer , but we're sure it will make him a better looking photographer, as he takes pictures with his new sleek matte black stealth bomber of a point n' shoot.

alright, alright- so we won't look any different, and nobody is going to faint while witnessing our suave photographic efforts, but right now we think our new purchase is so damn sexy that we'll feel like james bond every time we whip it out for a photo op... at least until we see it on sale at best buy for half of what we paid, and a newer, smaller, sleeker model has come out! ;-)


Karena said...

Love it, I could use one of these sleek looking cameras!!

Art by Karena

Tracy @ ComfortandLuxury said...

Just the thing to sneak into a "no photos allowed" showhouse. Where I will be on the 23rd, btw.

jones said...

I love my Canon (just a little down-scaled from yours)---it is the perfect camera. Have fun and look hot. Mary

Pigtown-Design said...

niiiice! i have an earlier iteration of this camera and love it. mine's a nice chocolate brown.

Baby Decorator said...

Is this cutie camera actually available in black? I checked Canon and they show silver and red only. Where'd you get yours?

Tracy said...

So cute, and yes, sleek & sexy. The things they're doing to electronics now!!

Rebecca June said...

Put on a tux and tak a few pics of yourself with it. You could replace Ashton in those camera commercials.


Rebecca June

a lovely being said...

buying a new, sleek anything is so fun! congrats-- it's very sexy.

XX fallon

maison21 said...

@karena you DESERVE one! go for it!

@tracy- that is RETARTET. i honestly don't care if i go now, if i can't take photos.

@mary- i will look hot- how could i not? ;-)

@meg- yum, chocolate!

@baby- i got mine on amazon, but i saw them at best buy.

@tracy- and it's a never ending battle to keep up with the cuteness. if only i had an ipad now, my life would be complete.

@rebecca i think canon would really want me as a spokesperson due to my ginormous name recognition! what's ashton's 1.6 MILLION twitter followers? m21 has like SIX HUNDRED! ;-)

@fallon- the world would be a happier place if everyone could afford an ipad... (i know i'd be happier if i could!)