06 May 2010

legends of la cienega event- be there or be square!

if you have any spare time tomorrow and saturday, we can't recommend highly enough attending the legends of la cienega: celebrate hollywood- a tribute to design in film and television event, presented by the la cienega design quarter (LCDQ) & elle decor magazine.

to our mind, if you are able to attend only one event in the los angeles design world's seemingly endless array of annual options, it should be this one- the best of los angeles's design galleries on la cienega blvd, throw open their doors for two days to the public, and host a series of panel discussions on design, this year focusing on a hollywood theme. the event is intensely los angeles flavored- the hosting galleries are local of course, and in edition to national media sponsor elle decor, events are sponsored by our great californian design magazines, c magazine, angeleno interiors, california homes & luxe interiors+design. the chic window vignettes in every store are dressed exclusively by local design luminaries, and the panels, unlike similar events, are similarly populated by mostly local names- a fab opportunity to get a peek inside the mindset of southern california's biggest design stars. there are literally dozens of panels to choose from, so there is a topic sure to interest everyone- m21 has even has had a few of his non-design friends express interest in attending some of them! check the list here, as there are simply too many options for us to do justice here, nor do we want to play favorites!

and if like maison21, you are simply too busy to attend more then a panel or two, be sure to at least stroll down la cienega to take in the breathtaking window displays- they are simply not be missed! here's a selection, courtesy of elle decor and savage winn photography:

display at Bausman by Oliver Furth honoring The Fountainhead.

display at Baker by Woodson & Rummerfield honoring Auntie Mame

display at Dragonette by Melissa Levander honoring Romantic/Musical Comedies of the 50's & 60's

display at Gray Morell by Sheldon Harte honoring Pillow Talk (we intensely love that stacked pillow side chair, btw).

display at Therien by David Phoenix honoring To Catch A Thief


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, now that will be an event to remember! I'm DYING for the chair in the shot with the mannequin in pink and orange. The back of the chair is driving me WILD! Take more pics please!

the edit said...

Looks like an amazing event. The store windows are so much fun even to a non designer but movie lover.

Karena said...

Christian more amazing images! Great job! A terrific event.

Art by Karena

Bonnie said...

I went to the Rose Tarlow's this morning for the fabulous "East Meets West" Panel Discussion. There were so many people there! Were you there? I would love to meet you... I wanna go out to more events today and tomorrow!