05 July 2010

how was your holiday? (w/guest blogger, ted)

my fourth of july weekend was real fun! we went for lots of walks, and just kinda hung out with my new dad and brother, stuff like that. the weather was real nice, even chilly sometimes!

it's been a month since i arrived, so i'm finally figuring out the routine around here. i'm getting to know the neighborhood too, and the other dogs and stuff. everyone seems real nice!

my new brother and i get a long real good ('cept when he tried to clean my ears- that freaked me out a little), but mostly we do just fine. he keeps trying to get me to play with him, but i'm a bit confused by that- i think i like him best when he's asleep!

the loud noises didn't even scare me!

and how was your holiday? what did YOU do?

love, teddy


Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore your post Ted! Good to hear you are loving your new life and adjusting sooooo well!!! I look forward to your future postings!

Raina Cox said...

Monsieur Teddy, you're a little heartbreaker!

jones said...

Hi Ted, Mom and I went to a party at Cole's house (my best friend-a black lab). I played and played; went in the slip-and-slide; let the 3 yr. old grand daughter walk me (actually I walked her very slowly). I didn't mind the fireworks very much until that stupid son-in-law lit one 3 ft. from my ears. That made Mom leave--I guess she was concerned about my ears. Glad that you are so happy with Christian and Richard--my gosh Richard is huge!! I have two cats--the siamese is huge and potentially aggressive: I keep my distance.
Hope to hear from you again, Jones.

Pigtown-Design said...

dear teddy...

my mom drugged me, so basically, i spent the weekend as a stoner puppy. i know she did it for my own good, so i wouldn't freak out, but i've been hungover for two days now.

welcome to your new home. you know that adopted children are loved as much as or more than other children.



Karena said...

I have been so behind on my blogging, just having too much fun I guess. On Sat my daughter, Isabella, and friend Kevin had an adventure at Enright Gardens! I posted about it of course!

Art by Karena

revel in the details said...

Yay, happy, smiling Teddy! Yay, Richard and Teddy bonding! Richard tried to clean his ears?! Guess that means he was trying to groom him, the kitty equivalent of a hug and kiss! They've sure come a long way.

My dream is to get a cat and a dog and to have them both live in happy harmony, like your animals. People scoff, but you prove it can be done! I moved into a pet-friendly apartment in San Francisco, but life keeps throwing up hurdles (as it will) and I haven't felt settled enough to seek out pet friends. I enjoy your blog for many reasons, but your reports on your adorable animals are some of my favorites. I do like your design sense as well! Thanks for the morning dose of cuteness.

~ Rina

Julio said...

A belated happy independence day Teddy! You are such a cutie. What a great way to spend your holiday. You are a brave guy to withstand the fireworks. My Cocco is the opposite. Poor baby hides underneath the family room desk when the noise begins. It's nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your weekend with us. Big hugs to your brother and dad.

tula said...

Yay, Teddy!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Teddy -
This is Violet from over at ModVintageLife. I'm so glad that you are getting adjusted to your new life. You got a great Dad and brother. That's nice that Richard wants you to look your should let him clean your ears. Nobody cleans my ears around here except my Mom. But Newman, Sally and Harvey all take turns cleaning each others. I think it's kind of weird but they seem to enjoy it.

I'm so glad you had a Happy 4th. Mine was very good, friends of mine from Memphis came to town and I love them. I tried to get them to take me home with them. But they wouldn't.

Hugs and Kisses!


Lucinda said...

Bad Girl spent her 4th enjoying a picnic at the Tar Pits and some pupcakes from Three Dog Bakery. Cheers!

Suzy said...

aw...he's soo cute!