20 July 2010

shop for a good cause...

water should look like this:

not this:

that's why when suzanne from bluegirlart contacted me to help spread the word that she is donating 15% of her sales to clean water, m21 was glad to help spread the word. i think we've all learned how important clean water is since the deepwater horizon catastrophe happened, so donating to seems especially timely right now.

so stop by suzanne's website, and see if anything like the waterfall photo art (top), or one of suzanne's recycled art creations (below) catches your eye, knowing that a portion of your purchase is going to a good cause.

and suzanne, thanks for walking the walk, as well as talking the talk.

(disturbing photo of oil infested water, courtesy of the guardian)

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Concrete Jungle said...

Now that is fabulous piece! Love it!