11 August 2010

do m21 a favor, k?

will someone do m21 a favor and go the DWR on the 3rd st. promenade and buy the floor sample of the luxo great-1 floor lamp, one of our favoritist things ever? yes, it's still kinda 'spensive at $3800.00, but when compared to ordering it new from the catalog at $9500.00, it's a total bargain.

we'd totally go buy it ourselves, but we seemed to have misplaced our wallet (which of course contained 38 crisp benjamins set aside just for lighting), as well as misplaced the ginormous loft-like living room with 12 ft. ceilings needed to house such a beast.

thanks ever so much...


Renee Finberg said...

that fixture is a hoot.
love it.

Ivy Lane said...

It reminds me of an old man lurking.... LOL! and.. "favoritist".. gotta love that word! if I had my wallet, I would buy it for ya!

Karena said...

Well how about a bottle of bubbly instead?

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Margaret said...

I'd feel smaller than usual next to it, and it would heat the room quite nicely, and assist during splinter removal, eyebrow plucking and any emergency surgeries.

Anonymous said...

I'll rush on over - just as soon as I win the lottery! Love it!

julia wheeler said...

i love dwr's "sales." that just means that things are creeping closer to being within reach... but not quite enough for normal people to buy!