17 August 2010

a thank you (pet portraits

maison21 has been hinting for years that he would like one of his good friend eileen zegar's beautiful art pieces- she does the most amazing abstracted landscapes, and we've loooong admired them while visiting her home and office. we also noticed and loved the portrait she did of her dog, montana, which we glimpsed in her bedroom one day when we were over at eileen's place doling out a bit of free decorating advice.

well, eileen repaid my free decorating advice (and desire to own one of her pieces) in spades when she recently gifted me with the above oil portrait of my girl, mona. eileen perfectly captured mona's happy personality, and the portrait is now above my desk, so while mona may no longer be with me physically, her sweet spirit smiles down on me daily. thank you, eileen- it is a wonderful tribute to my girl, and makes me happy whenever i view it.

eileen has also recently launched a website to offer her commisioned pet portraits to wider audience at, and m21 encourages you to visit and view her work. her fine art pet portraits are a chic and sophisticated way to immortalize your loved ones, but they avoid the schmaltz and cheeze factor due to eileen's tremendous talent. they truly rise to the level of "Art" with a capital "A".

again, thank you eileen- my girl is smiling down at me as i type...


Vickie H. said...

Oh, Dear Sweet MONA! We will NEVER forget you and miss you every single day!

What a GREAT friend you have, Christian, to bestow such a heartfelt gift upon you! God bless you BOTH!

Teresa Hatfield said...

That was such a sweet gesture. Mona was beautiful.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Ashley said...

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I just discovered your blog, recently, and it is by FAR my FAVORITE design blog. I love your writing style and all of your posts are very interesting.

And the cute doggy-ness doesn't hurt, either!


Margaret said...

So incredibly touching, and sweet!Eileen has a wonderful talent, and heart.

Romecat said...

I just discovered your blog and look forward to seeing more.

You are spot on in characterizing the portraits. Done by a less deft hand, pet portraits can take a very wrong turn. The one of Mona is truly outstanding.

Off to read older posts.


Brillante Home Decor said...

Sweet Mona...
You know, even if my Geronimo is only 8 I keep thinking what will I do without him? They are such a treasure. Coincidentally my latest post is about dogs and houses.

CindieQuilts said...

Lovely Mona, always loved, never forgotten. That smiling girl.... what a joyous spirit.