05 September 2010

enjoy your holiday!




ps- while we hope you have an enjoyable and leisurely day, please remember that labor day in america isn't just a three day weekend, but a day in honor of the american worker- those who have worked hard and sacrificed to build this nation, as well as the millions of americans, who in the economic crisis of 2010, would like work, but cannot find it. please keep them in your thoughts today.


jones said...

Hi Christian,
Thanks for the reminder--every time I start to complain or worry out the economy and business; I count my blessings. Enjoy the last whispers of summer with the beasties. Mary

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Excellent. Happy Labor Day to you and the brood!

Shawn said...

Christian! You are le adorable; I can't even deal. I just want to cuddle your beard right off your face. Long time reader, tragically infrequent commenter.

Thank you for the reminder about the often-forgotten purpose of Labor Day.


Ivy Lane said...

Great reminder to think about and pray for those in need of work....I shall do that today!

Happy Labor Day to you M21~

Teresa Hatfield said...

Happy Labor Day to you too!

Kitty said...

What a really nice post. Thanks for reminding us! In other news, I am hosting a giveaway on both Organic Orgy and Zen of Homekeeping if you and your readers would like to learn about/win a great healthy, natural sports drink. Pop on over! XO Kitty

Riviera Boardwalk said...

Thank you for your thoughtful rememberance of those in need.

Raina Cox said...

A triple serving of holiday cute!

Suzy said...

Happy Labour Day - enjoy the long weekend!

tula said...

Love you and the little ones! xoxo