01 October 2010

if you can't have henry, get with vaughan.

no, this post is NOT a summary of maison21's dating life, but rather referring to m21's love for the work of henry moore.  in the m21 dream atelier, we would have a henry moore sculpture somewhere in the house (or on our acres of grounds), but IRL, we simply don't have the bazilion kajillion dollars for a genuwine henry moore so we have to do without (temporary cash flow issues, you understand- sure to be cleared up any day).
henry moore's vertabrae sculpture in seattle.  if it could fit in the m21 mobile, we'd put on a pair of adult diapers, drive non-stop to seattle, and snatch it!

so what does this have to do with someone named vaughn?  well, on the twitter, m21 follows the tweets from the fabulous vaughan lighting company, so when they sent out a tweet "new at vaughn", we clicked, and saw this amazing table:

so freaking purdy!

sure, it's probably a kajillion dollars, but it's not a bazillion kajillion dollars, so that makes it a slightly more realistic fantasy then a henry moore sculpture- if not for the maison21 atelier, at least for a client who doesn't have maison21's "temporary cash flow" issues.  ;-)

we also saw these other fabulous items while checking out what's new at vaughan...
amiens sconces- classically pretty, in the style of agostini. LOVE these.

colombier chandlier- whimisical, but also elegant- we see it in a chic breakfast room.

zurich lantern- perfect for an entry hall, preferably our own.

large leaf sconce- chic and a bit exotic.
biscay ceiling light.  chic flushmount ceiling fixtures are near impossible to find, so this one is bookmarked. we love that it hits the transistion between mid-century modern and traditional- so versatile.
m21 usually picks lighting after the main furniture pieces for the room have been selected, but these rock lamps are pretty enough, we'd design and decorate a whole room just around them. and we will, if the nice people at vaughn would like to ship us a pair.  we'll redecorate our bedroom around them, and share the pictures with the world. promise. ;-)

 what's your fave?


Karena said...

Very cool finds, that coffee table is the best though! We have many Henry Moore Sculptures here at the Nelson-Atkins.

I am posting pink today!

Art by Karena

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I would love to have the zurich light and the coffee table. Love it all, but those are my preferred choices.
Good art makes me weak in the knees, and this table is art!
Have a nice weekend.

Ashley said...

LOVE the amiens sconces. love love love!


Erik Perez said...

I love (and by love mean WANT RIGHT NOW) the Zurich lantern... gorgeous!!

fatoosh31 said...

You keep me laughing at your snazy wittiness "if it could fit in the m21 mobile, we'd put on a pair of adult diapers, drive non-stop to seattle, and snatch it" comment and laughed outloud. My then 14 year old daughter comes over to see what was so funny and read it then----(you said don't hold back) shot snot from laughter!!! Way to go Maison----

Jan said...

Inspired lighting fixtures that aren't too bold or too the sconces.