11 November 2010

the wish list: willy daro agate lamp

a pair, please!
a stunning pair of 1970's bronze and agate lamps by willy daro, at the fantabulous craig van den brulle, via 1tsdibs

come to papa, my babies... we have a spot all picked out for you!


jones said...

I have been lusting after Willy Daro Agate lamps for three years......thanks for reminding and setting me off again. Mary

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love the lamps!
Have a great weekend, Christian.

Suzy said...

Yum, I wouldn't mind a pair of those myself!

ADD Custom Lighting said...

Hey Christian, great taste. I custom manufacture something similar for a couple clients and working on a few other designs. If you have an idea or want an exact match send us a message.

PS. lol, trying not to sound spammy. Agates are extremely popular at the moment as you probably are already aware through your good work.