07 December 2010

boundless enthusiasm

i wish i was as excited to start my day as ted is to start his!  just watching him be happy, makes *me* happy too!
this is the best street i ever crossed! (see video below)

and speaking of pets, we are still trying to find the beautiful nina a home, and hopefully will have happy news to share with y'all soon!
won't you love me?


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Once again, you are a trip Christian! Ted is so cute. Why did you stop the video, haha?

jones said...

Hi Christian, I love Teddy. I wish that I had his "joie de vivre" that early in the morning. I bet that he has crossed that street a thousand time. I need a few prayers for my newest adoptee--this pooping on the rug thing has got to stop!! What are you getting Ted for Christmas--or is it a secret? Mary

David said...

If Nina finds a family to love her my holiday will be complete. Fingers tightly crossed.

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Ted is adorable.

Just saw your fabulous tree at Scot's. Wow.


Lucinda said...

I wish I could get another dog, Baddy needs another furry friend to boss around. Unfortunately with school and work, I don't have enough time to devote at the present. She's super cute, keep fighting the good fight. How's all else? Love to Ted!

andieiam said...

Nina looks like my Lola! (((squeeze)))