04 December 2010

help, i need somebody!

(first of all, i promise not to make a practice of this, but a friend of ours who loves animals is desperate to find this sweet girl a home, so i'm making an exception and posting this plea.  i'd also ask you to please not send in more pictures of animals needing adoption!  i loves teh animals, and do my part for them, but i can't  turn this blog into animal clearing house- thank you for understanding, and for bearing with me on this one time occasion).

a few months ago, my friend witnessed this pup and her sister get thrown out of a truck on a busy street here in los angeles.  he is a huge animal lover and so of course, came to the pups aid.  unfortunately, he lives in a no animals building, so he had another friend take them in while he worked to find them homes. one has been adopted out, but the this girl remains, and her temporary foster is leaving town and unable to take this young lady with, hence a bit of desperation surrounding her fate...

her name is nina, and she is a pointer/pit mix. she is 7 months old, about 35 pounds, and is a sweet, happy and energetic young pup, socialized with people and other dogs, as well as spayed and current on shots.  reminder, she is a PUPPY, and needs the attention, stability and TRAINING of a forever home filled with love.  if you can help, please email JAUGUSTBAKER AT G MAIL DOT COM. 

if y'all can forward this post to anyone who might be able to help with either a foster or a forever home, it would be appreciated.  nina started her life being thrown from a truck, and doesn't deserve to go to the los angeles county animal shelter, which is the next stop if she doesn't find a home.


LiveLikeYou said...

Thank You for doing this Christian!! Tell them to contact this shelter, hear they take great care of the dogs and find homes for them..

Jealous you're in sunny and warm LA!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...gosh...she's so pretty. I hope someone wants her soon. I hope posting her helps her find her forever home.

jones said...

Hi Christian, She looks gorgeous!! I wish I could take her, but I'm at my max (actually past it). She definitely has "old soul" eyes and all the potential of a wonderful pet. Mary

La Maison Fou said...

Lovely post Christian,
wishing her a fast and lovable home as well.

Anonymous said...

We need an update on this sweet girl! I was thinking about her today. I already have 2 poochies and don't know anyone in the LA area, so I can't be of much help, but I am dying to hear about the happy ending.