26 January 2011

fabulous faux taraxacum (say whaaa?)

the taraxacum chandelier, designed by achille castiglioni, 1988- one of our favoritist chandeliers of all time (and one of the most 'spensive at $4984.00, @ y-lighting)

a knock off taraxacum, undoubtedly made by chinese child labor ( but just $600.00 @ kirch & co. it's currently out of stock, but when it comes back in, we want one, bad.  just until we can afford the real thing, mind you...)

(found via home accents today magazine)


Divine Theatre said...

Hey! I highly recommend buying things made by Chinese child labor! It is the only way to improve the quality of their lives. Otherwise they may not eat. As the Industrial Revolution improved lives in the West, so will supporting third world labor. It really IS a good thing, my friend.
I tell you, those children are NOT otherwise running afrolic in a field of flowers. No. They are unecessarily dying of sickness because their families in the Socialist market economy cannot afford adequate food and medicine.
On a lighter note, I think I sprained something trying to pronounce your chandelier!


Brillante Interiors said...

I really hate cheap reproductions, if we can't afford the real thing we should buy something original but less expensive, supporting in this way some new designers' creativity. Being Italian I am also quite tired of seeing bad reproductions of all our superb design and manufacturing (from fashion to furniture). Sorry about the rant. The Castiglioni brothers and especially Achille...genius!

maison21 said...

as you can tell from the tongue in cheek quality of my post, i am of mixed feelings when it comes to knocking off a brilliant work. very mixed feelings!

thanks for the thoughtful comments.

Brillante Interiors said...

"Don't hold back..." you said, so here we are with our comments! When I receive a honest comment that is not just a wow, ohhh, great I am pleased because it means my readres read the post not just the title and I am sure it is the same for you. By the way I do eat taraxacum in spring and summer...(He He!no whaaa for me)

Bromeliad said...

Can you give us a phonetic so I can throw this lamp into conversation without sounding like a Philistine?

maison21 said...

bromeliad, *i* can't give you a phonetic, but wikipedia can!