14 January 2011

set your alarm- coleen rider @ one king's lane!

be sure to set your alarms tomorrow morning as coleen rider of coleen & company and balustrade & bitters will be offering up selections from her amazing inventory- starts on one kings lane at 8 am pacific/ 11 am eastern.  don't be late! (or rather do be late- less competition for the good stuff!)

see? we told you- an amazing selection- not a clunker in the bunch. we've got our eyes on the fabulous brass bottomed pouf benches- what tickles your fancy?


Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit said...

OMG - this isn't fair. I am too far away in soggy Melbourne, Australia, to join in the crazy warfare that will ensue. Whatever that thing is in the top image {a table base, I presume...} I want it bad!

miamidecor said...

Love those freakin silk chairs!!! i almost had a coronary when i saw them and wouldn't change a thing, including the beautifully ragged upholstery!

Sketch42 said...

Did you buy anything?

maison21 said...

i resisted- i would have loved those benches for a client, but we just bought a different pair, so sale was too late. :-(