20 February 2011


los angeles is at its most beautiful after a winter storm, and ted and i were fortunate enough to spend a hour or two basking in it, before heading home to get a head start on the coming week...

hoping your weekend was glorious too!


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful, Christian.
Have a great week.

anufangava said...

5 photos and one only has him smiling. I think it pretty much sums up how Ted feels. :-0

jones said...

Hi Christian, Yes, yesterday was the most glorious day here in SoCal--the mountains all trimmed in snow, crisp clean air--beauty all around. What more could anyone (man or beastie) want. Have a wonderful week.

jones said...

Hi Christian----yesterday was the most glorious day in Socal--snow trimming the mountains, clear crisp air, trees just about to unfurl their leaves, even a first rose.
What more could any being want (human or beastie).
Have a super week. Mary

jessicarsommer said...

Oooohhh la. My friends and I were just loving this yesterday- our view from up by the Grove!! It's so clean and beautiful after the rain. Truely is a beautiful city :) I wish more people saw that and gave it a little better care. Love that you had something nice to say about it!

xo Jessica Rae
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