27 March 2011

cheat sheet

as y'all know, m21 was part of a design blogging panel last week sponsored by the avenues west hollywood (along with the decorista,  apartment therapy unplggd,  my LA lifestyle & multibrain) and one of the things the panel stressed was the importance of blogging every single day, if not multiple times a day. as the lone dissenting voice, i confessed to not being able to blog with that kind of frequency due to the demands of running a busy design business, as well as personally handling my own social media, but i said i tried to make up for it by tweeting or facebooking with my social media friends every day. i also confessed to "cheating" by throwing up a cute picture of my pets when i just too busy to come up with a more time consuming design related post. thankfully, some other members of the panel shared that they had used the same cheat, and that those were some of their most popular posts. whew! glad to know i wasn't the only one resorting to pimping out my pets.

oh- and btw, i'm busy...  ;-)
i call richard the maison21 quality control inspector because every item that comes into the house must be thoroughly sniffed, tasted and if possible, reclined upon, before passing his rigorous quality testing.  i just pulled off the price tag of this canvas belt and threw it on the bed just long enough to pull on my jeans when richard launched himself on it.

"inspection passed! i've claimed it for mine, and will now relax on it for a while!"
hope y'all had a swell weekend! if we can rustle up some photos, we'll share some bits of the events of westweek & the avenues next week (sadly, we were so busy having such a great time, our camera stayed firmly lodged in our pocket so we'll have to see what we can steal  from others ;-).


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Gosh Richard is pretty. I have quality control testers in my house too. All shopping bag contents are checked out as soon as they come in the door.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Well you tell Richard and Ted hello! If you've got to cheat, what better way that these two?

Linda [the young curator] said...

richard is adorable!!!

and i'm also in the camp of those who don't consider cute pet pictures cheating. i consider those pictures added bonuses ;]

jones said...

Blog more than once a day??? You have to have a life to have something to blog about, right? More posts on your projects, please. Have a super week---Mary

Cynthia said...

If sharing pics of the four-legged members of your Maison is cheating, please continue to cheat away!

Love them. Especially love Ted!

Dana said...

your cheatin' pet posts are great and keep you real~! you have to wonder about design bloggers who NEVER show their work and have time to do lengthy posts twice a day.....if you know what I mean :)

tula said...

I'm so sad I wasn't able to see you for the LA design blogging panel. I love Gregory Han, too, ain't he swell?

As far as cheating goes, don't we all do something similar? But, your cheat has got to be one of the best. We all love seeing Richard and Ted's adventures. xo

Carolyn said...

Richard is so cute!

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