02 March 2011

crack that whip!

my boss is such a slave driver!  he's always spying on me to make sure i'm really working, not goofing off on facebook, playing farmville or sumpthin'.


The French Mouse said...

lol...that's definitely the good kind of spyware! My spyware comes in the form of a pink and white 5 pound chihuahua...his primary software seems to involve attacking me to provoke play, or usurping my laptop's most convenient position (aka my lap!)

Wonderful blog...cheers!
The French Mouse

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

So precious! You had better listen.

Bromeliad said...

Is that the latest iCat?

Danielle.freshquince said... adorable! I have 4 cats and I think I'm their slave, not the reverse.