31 March 2011

go fer it!

what's going on over here?
this is better than reality tv!
can you see what i'm focused on?
now can you see what's going on?  gopher! gopher! gopher!

i could watch all day! (photo courtesy of PR/social media guru, richard morales of blueprintbrands)
ted's a thinker, he is- when he spotted movement in the brush at runyon, he just had to sit down and observe... and observe, and observe, completely rapt for several minutes as little mister gopher enlarged his home. he didn't lunge like the other doggies, and he didn't try to dig up lil mr. gopher's hole, he just sat, and watched, and contemplated his next move. he might still be sitting there thinking about his options if we didn't remind him that dinner was waiting for him at home.

good boy, ted.


Karena said...

Very cute Christian. I am always amazed by our pets antics!!

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Art by Karena

tula said...

Steve and I always look for those gophers at the bottom part of Runyan. They are just too damn cute. Ted would agree!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Hahaha! Love it!
You go-fer it Ted!!


I love Ted...I think he is ocd like me.....AND.....more than Ted I think I am in love with you. Is this the first time I have been thinks so and I am not sure which road I took....but it all led to this place where the streets are paved with good taste. I'll be back, you can bet your ass I will.