20 March 2011

go will go! (LA marathon)

go, will, go!
brrrrrrrrr is all we have to say! m21 just got back from a freezing cold morning supporting his friend will stewart, who courageously (or crazily) ran the 26 miles of the LA marathon in freakishly not-LA-like icy rain and wind!
will, victorious at mile 15!
will, still smiling after running for hours in the freezing rain! (the hot photographer in the background is our friend jeff, who along with his girlfriend chelsea, also braved the elements to cheer will on)
such an LA moment- will pauses during the race for an on camera  interview with NBC. (crisp, clear, photo by talented photographer, jeff holmes- obvs not taken with our own point n' shoot!)
will's partner rudy and friend robin, cursing the heavens as they cheer on their respective running spouses (robin's partner, madonna, was will's training buddy).  rudy, an incredibly talented graphic artist, made the signs- kinda awesome, right? and miraculously, they survived the crazy downpour! everyone else's signs were soggy messes...
m21 couldn't be prouder of will, as he's trained incredibly hard over the last 5 months in preparation for the marathon as part of the "team to end aids", personally raising almost 12 thousand dollars for aids project los angeles, an organization dedicated to helping those living with HIV and AIDS. go will go!

the group of volunteers behind the "team to end aids" did an amazing job of supporting and training the runners. such a great cause...
dancing in drag on a podium in the freezing rain to cheer the runners on- now that's dedication!
these guys literally froze their butts off while cheering the runners on. i wouldn't have wanted to have volunteered for this job today! especially brave considering the cold weather shrinkage factor! ;-)
congrats to will and the other 25,000 runners who braved the severely messed up weather to run this grueling race! as we type this post in front of a toasty warm fire, will is still running in freezing downpour, so our hat is seriously off to him!

my hands were too frozen to keep the camera steady, but my shoes and jeans were soaked through after standing in the downpour for an hour and a half (i've had drier, warmer, feetsies after a day's skiing!) i can't imagine the ordeal all the runners faced, running for hours in the worst weather LA has seen in a long, long, time!
again, congrats to all the poor freezing runners who survived the los angeles anchorage marathon! (and don't worry- this photo was taken at a food and water station for the runners- there were volunteers to clean up all the discarded cups and bottles!)


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I can't believe the weather was that cold! It's been glorious here all last week and this weekend. That photographer is HOT! And oh...I do feel sorry for the dancing guys...especially because of shrinkage.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

They would still be waiting on me to get to the finish line.
Fantastic job by all that ran. Great that so much was raised.
Thank you for sharing, and tell ted and kitty hi!

jones said...

GO WILL!! Can I have the signs when you are done with them? Super art. Have a great week.Are you going to post new updates on your projects? Mary