24 May 2011

specific (at the collection)

last week, during the events on la cienega, m21 stopped in to see brooks hudson, who recently moved his unique gallery "specific" into new digs inside "the collection" on la cienega.  the collection is sort of a high end collective of antique and estate sales dealers, so specific gives a needed curated and artful approach  to the mostly "found" wares offered there, and is a much welcomed addition!

brooks appreciates artisan crafted goods, so his space is filled with unique pieces, like these awesome rustic flavored stools:

these sculptural bowls by local southern california artist tim mcaleece really caught our eye, and hopefully will find their way into an m21 project soon:

specific also sells these fantastic made-to-order industrial-style sconces (and chandeliers) from workstead, which we've been eying for a while...

a selection of curated art- gallery wall ready!

these african beaded chairs are insane!  we've been fantasizing how they'd look in the atelier since we first saw them...

if you live in southern california, be sure to stop by- the collection is open every day from 10-6, and the best part is specific's merchandise is available to anyone with a computer- just click here to shop!

The Collection
703 N. La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 310-867-0520

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