25 June 2011

glassy-eyed (home grown favorites from dwell on design, 2011)

as we mentioned in an earlier post, we had the privilege of spending the day at the dwell on design conference on friday- the largest design event on the west coast (and my aching feets agree- it's pretty big).  all kinds of design goodness is on display, like furniture lighting and home accessories, as well as kitchen, bath and building products- even cars and pre-fab houses!  for those of you lucky enough to live in the LA area, we recommend that you get on down there tomorrow (sunday) for the last day to do some design 'splorin (if you didn't go already- seems like half the people we know already did); and for the those of you who live out of town, plan on being *in town* next june to partake in all the fun...  lastly, for those of you who have design products to push, i would say to FOR SURE book a booth for next year, as we attended on the media/trade day, and it's excellent way to get your product in front of the eyeballs of designers and architects, who might become loyal, repeat customers, as well as bring your product to the attention of media outlets and influencers to maybe score a little publicity- who knows you might even get lucky enough to get your product in front of someone like *me* who's going to not only recommend my clients buy your products, but i'll throw some free publicity into the deal as well! ;-)  of course the final two days is open to the public, so you can actually sell right off the floor direct to consumers- it's win-win-win.

two of my favorite product lines from the show had much in common- both are artisan, hand-made products; both use the same raw material and techniques (yet produce different aesthetic results); and both are made practically in my own back yard- we love that the economic benefits and jobs stay local, a true rarity in this day of chinese made everything...
caleb siemon glass studio
first up is the glass studio of caleb siemon- m21 was blown away by the quality and richness of his hand-blown vessels and in particular, his new line of amazing lighting fixtures. the fixtures have a a great price-point for what are basically hand-made works of art. what surprised us the most about the line is that though it is less than 50 miles from our doorstep, we'd never heard of it or seen it before (and it's not like we don't shop for a living or anything...)
the chaos pendent is much prettier in person.
again, you can't get an idea of how lovely these pieces are via a photo...
we were very happy to have made this discovery at dwell, and we will be using some delicious caleb siemon pieces in a future project to be sure...
joe cariati glasswre
next, we loved the fanciful shapes and colors of the glassware of of joe cariati (retro influenced, but wonderfully modern too).  we were familiar with cariati's work, and even posted it to our tumblr, but had no idea he was locally based as well (el segundo) and we've never seen the enitre line of vases and bottles all grouped together- cariati's booth was like a little jewel box of glassy goodness.
these white pieces are new to the line and blew us away- so sexy.

we'll be posting some more finds from dwell on design in the coming days, but again, if you can make it to downtown LA tomorrow for a visit, m21 highly recommends you check it out for yourself, and if not, we'll see y'all next year, k? start planning now...


Karena said...

Christian, fine art glass and unique lighting, you have won my heart, my friend!

Art by Karena

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Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Such beautiful pieces, Christian.
Thank you for sharing.

chezjolly said...

Love your blog!
-Jessica & Holly

Margaret said...

Joe's glassware is perfection. Totally talented, and thank you for the link, Christian.