04 September 2011

a very good deed.

this is virgil. he is eight weeks old and possibly the cutest thing ever. we met him for the first time yesterday as he is going to be our neighbor for a while.

for while, you say? yes, virgil will only be our neighbor for about 18 months, as our extraordinary neighbors, barry and penny, are foster parents for a very good cause. for the next year and half, they will be "puppy rasiers" providing this little guy with tons of love, exposure to as many different situations as possible, and some basic puppy obedience training before they turn him back over to guide dogs of america, where he'll undergo an additional 6 months of training before becoming a certified guide dog for a blind or visually impaired person.

what an amazing thing barry and penny are doing... they are far better people than i, knowing that they will fall in love with this little guy, and also knowing they will be soon be sending him on to do greater things. a good deed, indeed.

to donate to guide dogs of america, or find out more about this very cool program, click here.


shiree segerstrom said...

Gulp. Virgil would be one of those cute little guys in green jackets then? Truly a labor of love to bond with a puppy then give him up in adulthood. Double gulp. Shiree'

David said...

My friend Lisa does this same thing here. In fact next week she's turning over the yellow lab she's had for the last year, as he moves to the next level of his training.

They do amazing work and I know its incredibly rewarding, but I still don't know how they find the strength to let them go when its time.

jones said...

Even as tiny as Virgil is, you can see the makings of a "noble" dog in this eyes. How hard it will be to give him up. I bet his ears are as soft as silk velvet. (He could be the twin of a wonderful huge lab that I owned--maybe he owned me?) Mary

Cynthia said...

Virgil is a cutie and you have terrific neighbors! Guide Dogs of America is an amazing program thanks to generous souls like Barry & Penny.

I'm with David on this one, I don't know how I could ever let Virgil go at the end of the 6 months. Thankfully there are others that are stronger than I...

What a perfect Labor Day Post!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** BLESS THEM!!! I SOOOOO BELIEVE IN & SUPPORT this... donations for things like this are a normal, monthly occurence from THIS home...... and will ALWAYS continue, no matter WHAT "CONDITION" the economy is in!!!

....annnnd, lil' VIRGIL is about t*h*e CUTEST lil' bugaboo ever, EXCEPT, of course, for our 8 year old BELLE and 8 MONTH old Marnie... I always WANTED to do this... such a worthy cause, but my husband said I could NEVER, EVER give up "my" pups", and jokingly sez I'd give HIM up first!!!

Those BIG feet on that lil' body???? PRICELESS!!! So glad you shared! THANK YOU!!!

Linda in AZ *

Anonymous said...


pve design said...

I cannot decide if I like him or his name more.:)