09 December 2011

greystone 'maison de luxe' showhouse

a couple weeks ago, i had the pleasure of being material girls' jill seidner's date for the press preview of the luxe magazine sponsored 'maison de luxe' showhouse at the amazing greystone mansion in beverly hills. luxe gathered some serious talent for the showhouse, and it shows in the results- fabulously inventive and beautiful rooms... all pretty, some jaw-droppingly so.

since the show house is now open to the public we thought we'd show you some of the rooms and details that made our heart sing, so you can be sure to buy your tickets and get your booty on over to greystone.  if you are in los angeles anytime between now and december 22nd, you'll not want to miss this one as it's pretty darn amazing...
when we grow up, we want to wrap the m21mobile in the same print...
...we used on our showhouse chairs.  kudos to michelle nussbaumer of ceylon et cie for this extra credit brilliance to her beautiful room. we also met michelle briefly for the first time,  and my companions, jill and alyssa swedlow of the goods and i, all decided we want to have cocktails with her some time! fun lady!
jamie drake's living room was over the top gorgeous! (photo courtesy of luxe)
kendall wilkinson's twilight room was also a showstopper- so cool! (photo courtesy of luxe)
really digging the custom cowhide rug martyn-lawrence bullard designed for his room (from kyle bunting, of course)
mlb also used one of our favorite mirrors from rose tarlow for this serpent inspired vignette

wendy schwartz made fantastic use of a hallway with this oversize rope chandelier, and the most gorgeous abstract (removable!) wallcovering from black crow studios! imma use some black crow studios wallcovering soon, as it's the coolest sh*t, ever.
i mean, it makes even a fire extinguisher box look good!
wendy also used a marc phillips rug in her chic dressing room, which you can enter to WIN over at the marc phillips facebook page!
oliver furth swathed his chic bedroom in black, and must have pulled every cool piece of art avaible from the vintage shops of LA to use in his room (it was dark, so most of my pictures sadly didn't turn out, but trust, it was chock full o' art beside this chic c. jere vignette).
jaime and ron of woodson and rummerfield's house of design seemed to be inspired by a color, i think, for mrs. doheny's glamtastic boudior-  though i can't quite put my finger on which color... ;-)
speaking of jaime and ron, this picture taken with jaime's adorable son, jack, was the highlight of my day! such a lil cutie pie! (taken in front of brad ford's woody trailer/party bar). would it be weird to use people to whom i'm not related on my xmas card?  'cuz i just might...
ok- now run , don't walk, to the greystone maiosn de luxe- there are many more amazing rooms to see which sadly our lil iphone pics were too blurry to preview- as showhouses go, this one is a winner!

note: our apologies in advance to the good people at luxe- we were given a stern warning not to publish any photos but the ones in the press kit until february, but as we've seen pictures of the showhouse all over the blogosophere, we're presuming that prohibition has been relaxed.  if we are in error, we'll happily pull the post, but we wanted to get something published while the showhouse is still running so everyone's hard work gets the attention it deserves!

905 Loma Vista Drive
Beverly Hills, CA  90210
December 2-22, 2011  

December 2, 9, & 16
Fridays, 11am or 2pm
(includes Show House) 
Dec. 9th, 11am Lecture is sold out!


My Notting Hill said...

Wish I could go - I'll need to email my sister and tell her not to miss it. Such a cute pic w/baby Jack. If you make that your Christmas card, send me one!

MJH Design Arts said...

Yes, that is the cutest baby boy, maybe you could borrow him (offer to baby sit). Michelle N. is not only super talented, she has a wonderfully generous heart. How are the beasties? Mary

Blue Turtle said...

First of all I can't help but admire the pick up. I love the prints. And regarding the interiors you featured here I think they are such an inspiration. The mirror with a serpent frame caught my eye.

jeavon @ Home Ideas


Love Jamie's living room! That painting is amazing!


Hautezone said...

Dear Christian,

So wish I could have attended this showcase. THANK YOU so much for the coverage. In addition, THANK YOU for all your fun posts in 2011.

Wishing you blessings beyond measure in 2012!

Love & Light,


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Wow! That looks amazing! Such talented and great ideas!

katiedid said...

Oh My Gosh! All that goodness and cute babies too?! I would have gone a little bananas!