18 December 2011

winter wonderland, LA style

the other day, while walking to starbucks for a cup of xmas cheer to help put us in a holiday mood (m21 lurves an eggnog latte- thank goodness they don't seel them year 'round or we'd weigh 10,000 lbs), ted and m21 were greeted by one of our favorite local phenomena, the raucously loud and colorful flock of parrots living in our 'hood. they never fail to bring a smile to our face, and on a gorgeous crisp, sunny december morning, we thought ourself especially lucky to see them. we may not have traditional white christmases in los angeles, but that's okay- we'll take a bright, sunny, and loud xmas any day!
can you see my loud friends? the parrots are up there, trust.
now can you see them? click to enlarge if you need to (yes, resolution is crappy -sry, taken with my iphone)

click to play to hear my little feathered friends (video is brief 'cuz it was taken completely by accident while attempting to snap a photo. once again, darn iphone!)


Jane said...

Parrots - we have quite a large flock here in Sylmar too. They disappeared for a while after the Station Fire, but seem to have made a raucous return.

5th and State said...

lucky you, parrots, LA and sunny weather!
have a great christmas christian

tula said...

so cool! what street were you on? i want to see parrots!