29 February 2012


we had to visit the west LA shelter today to get ted his dog license- we almost got a ticket the other day, so we could put off this task no longer (nearly two years of procrastination is impressive, even for moi). on the way, we picked up a bag of dog treats to share amongst the prisoners, and now we are sharing the pictures of the sweeties to remind everyone that adoption is the ONLY option.
movie star dog.

this one was so sweet and gorgeous. he was impounded as "evidence", so wonder if that means his owner is now probably in jail.

small, sweet, and in need of some quality time at the beauty salon.

such an adorable pup. you can tell he is smart, too

this doxie mix looked so much like ted, he broke my heart.

tiny bundles of love.

this lil guy made me cry. as a 5 month old puppy, he should be all tail wags and affection, but was terrified of my being near his cage. he wanted the treats, but couldn't bring himself to come closer and started shaking pretty badly. obviously he's been abused, and because of his intense fear, he may never be adopted. my sweet mona was like that at first too, so he really touched me.

eager to please, even behind bars.

this chow mix was SO excited to see me, you could just tell he has the sunniest disposition even under horrible circumstances.

this freaked me out most of all- only 4 cats were available. when i asked were the rest of the cats were, i was told it wasn't "cat season". there is no "cat season" (kitten season, different story)  and there are always strays and surrenders, so i was left wondering if there was an outbreak of one of the serious cat illnesses, and everybody was put down. *no* way does a shelter in a densely populated city only have four cats. no possible way.
if you are thinking of a dog or cat, PLEASE adopt one from a rescue group or shelter, there are all shapes, sizes, dispositions and breeds of pups (and kitties) so you are sure to find something to suit the wishlist of qualities you want in a particular breed, and you'll be saving a life to boot.

i also know that many of you want a pet but can't adopt for various reasons, so at least when you are done reading this post, go to the animal rescue site and click to donate food to shelters- all those sweet faces above say think you!

The Animal Rescue Site



a lovely being said...

you're killing me! I want ALL of them. wish my landlord would like the idea as much as I do...
next time I'm in the market for a dog, I promise to adopt. scout's honor :)

x fallon

David said...

I love that you do these posts. And someone has GOT to go get that 5 month old and teach him that all people aren't monsters.

I need to go home and hug my boys now.

shuzluva said...

This post KILLS me. When we originally decided to get a dog, my hubster told me "adoption or 'nuthin". He was so right. We adore our pomeranian, Brooks. When we adopted him he was so terrified he wouldn't bark. Today he's happy, loving, and the biggest mush on the planet. Can't imagine life without him.

P.S. I love this... said...

I would get doggie 3 & 4 in a heartbeat if I were on the West Coast. My lil Chompers would love permanent company.

5th and State said...

good reminder christian, great post

MizLottie said...

That was so kind of you to bring the pups treats. That one pup really did look like Ted (who is the darlingest guy ever)!

Erin said...

This makes me so happy to live in Austin -- it's a no kill city.

Still heartbreaking that these cute guys and gals have no one to love them :(

mikky said...

That is a fantastic idea to bring dog treats with you, wish I`d thought of that years ago! I used to go all the time to pat the dogs but then I moved and it is no longer close by. I wish there was a no-put down policy at all spca`s. Both our dogs were 2nd hand dogs, one from the street and one from a shelter. Couldn`t have asked for better dogs, still tear up when I think about them (even when writting this comment. I am such a baby!). It`s been years since they are gone but there is nothing greater then a pet. I`m glad you wrote about in your post for people to take caring for pets seriously, to many people treat animals like decorative objects or disposable accessories, they are FAMILY. Sorry, I didn`t mean to rant! Just love pets like you do (I get that pet food email everyday, once I got lazy and then sat there clicking thru 30 of them feeling awful that I had been so lazy! ok honestly, I`ve done it twice, never again!) Cutie pie post. Sorry again for the looooooong comment.

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