08 March 2012

which came first, the chicken or the egg? (about a painting and a blank wall)

so i painted this picture for a client many years ago, and was recently reminded of it when it was featured on
painting by moi; brass elephants by god. ;-)
i swear when i painted it i was inspired by the work of stuart davis, one of my all time favorite artists, but not having his abilities, i simplified it a bit to black and white, with NO curves i couldn't properly execute. then, when i had even MORE technical problems painting it, i roughed it up a bit.
stuart davis, memo, 1956, one of my inspirations
since then, i've seen the chic home of reed and delphine krakoff, everywhere, with this fabulous wall sized painting by al held, an american abstract expressionist:
delphine krakoff in front of her amazing al held painting in teh november 2011 issue of harper's bazaar. (photo by the hot douglas friedman. google him if you don't believe me).
pretty similar to my painting, right? do you think he was influenced by stuart davis as well? maybe sol lewitt? i know he has now influenced me, and we've come full circle, 'cuz when i recently sold something to a client and was faced with a blank wall that needed something on it, asap (i abhor a blank wall), i decided to just copy pay homage directly to al held, and painted this:
painting by moi, 2012. deceptively simple looking, this sucker was actually pretty damn time consuming)
my painting is different enough that i don't really think it's an exact copy, but the influence is certainly there. of course, this raises all sorts of questions about artistic license, the time tested use of artistic appropriation as an art form, plagiarism, etc, etc. but really? (to quote myself from rue magazine) at the end of the day, i just want things to be pretty- is that so wrong?

and regardless of influence or origin,  i do think my new painting is prettier than a blank wall, don't you?


the modern sybarite ™ said...

I had no idea you also painted and i like your art! Technically, a copy is a copy when it is EXACTLY the same. It is a fake when the proprietor is passing it as the original which you are clearly not and an inspiration is just that .... so not to worry me thinks!!!

Raina Cox said...

Oh MY. Douglas Friedman IS hot.

And so are your paintings.

David said...

I like new painting a LOT. Don't put it in the Marketplace or you'll be back to blank in no time.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I think you have a future in art, Christian. Love what you have done here. I have several monochromatic paintings I painted in a painting class, and I love them!
happy Friday.

Erin said...

Dizang, wunderkind! Can you imagine an entire powder room painted up like so?

It would make all other wallpapers ashamed of themselves.

katiedid said...

Hmmmm.....did you ever think that perhaps Al Held was influenced by YOU? One never knows! Fantastic! Maybe it is time for me to break out the art supplies....I have a few blank walls myself.

maison21 said...

thanks, guys! hope each of you has a wonderful weekend!

Live The Fine Life said...

I love it, Christian! Now I know who to call when I need the perfect graphic piece. Let the commissions commence!

Sketch42 said...

When I saw the first piece I instantly thought of the Krakoff home... AND you made that baby first... So I say you're in the clear baby, and I absolutely love both of your pieces. I would hang either one of them in my house!

MJH Design Arts said...

Pretty darn great!!! I think that I am drawn more to your paintings than the others. Please keep posting you work.

Bromeliad said...

I'm a huge fan of DIY art, and I think you pulled it off quite well.

Jesssica M said...

I have been looking for inspiration for a black and white abstractand now I might copy YOU!What medium did you use for the painting in the first image?

maison21 said...

first image was white acrylic paint over black enamel. didn't stick to well, hence the irregular edges!