23 October 2012

blogtour london: 100% design & amtico

we went to what seems like a bazillion design shows during blogtour london, and 100% design was the first we visited, and a favorite, with its multidisciplinary design emphasis. we only have one suggestion to make it better: WIFI! (oy, the luxury problems of the social media junkie).

we were whisked to the 100% design show in a fleet of mercedes town cars. a boy could get used to this kind of thing.
the entrance to 100% design was a light show in a darkened tunnel- really set a mood of anticipation. US trade shows could learn a thing or too about creating some drama to heighten the experience within.
loved these sconces from delightfull. love their whole lighting line, actually, and we would be very happy if they had a showroom here in LA that i could take clients too.  their retro inspired pieces are right up our alley, and it would be awesome to be able to show them off in person.
these are steel boxes on a magnetic wall- configure and reconfigure to your heart's delight! very cool for an office, kitchen or kid's room- anywhere flexible yet attractive storage would be useful. from magnetic spirit.

loved these clustered metallic pendants from original BTC lighting.
everyone was charmed by these flat pack lamps from vita living
the amazing 3d cork tiles (top) from granorte aren't available ...yet, but we also really liked their cubist printed cork (below).

these cratered metallic wall tiles from zsolnay were far and away my favorite product at 100% design, so naturally, they have no US distribution. so cool.
here's a close up so you can understand a little better why i rave.
last, these simple pet dens from arquipets were the one item i wished i could have brought home in my luggage. richard would LOVE one, and they aren't an eyesore like so many pet products. modern & fun- exactly what you want from a design show!
while at 100% design, we were treated to a champagne fueled luncheon in teh knoll media lounge by one of our sponsors, amtico flooring
you can tell by how tightly my pretty blogtour friends raina (a stylist's life), erin (modenus) and jennifer (dec-a-porter) are gripping their phones, that we had wifi here! jennifer is particularly excited by this development!
i was vaguely familiar with amtico flooring before blog tour, associating it with hospitals and schools, and frankly, i gotta admit, i wasn't initially excited about blogging about it. BUT this is why things like blog tour, where manufacturers and designers come together one on one, are so important! at a US trade show, i would have walked right by their booth, thinking it was too contract-y for me, but meeting them in person forced me to look, and well, i guess you could say i was FLOORED by what i saw. i mean, how groovy is the above floor? i would TOTES use it in a graphic residential kitchen, yet if it wasn't for blog tour, i might never have known it existed.
so many interesting combinations, the variety is near infinite, and it's durable as all get out, so perfect for hard use applications.
after talking to amtico's designers, and viewing the possibilities of their incredibly diverse product range, i'm completely psyched about how i can use their product in all kinds of cool ways.  look at those juicy colors- can you imagine the possibilities for fun with m21, a good installer and a palette like that? can't wait to dig in!
of course, we've barely scratched the surface with our two blogtour london posts thus far, so expect a very british fall here at m21 as we intersperse london coverage with coverage of design and events closer to home, and as always, thanks to modenus and our blog tour sponsors for providing us with teh trip of a lifetime:


Igor Josifovic said...

A fine round-up my friend! Oh and yes, I'd love some more Mercedes fleets for my daily musings around town:-)

maison21 said...
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Jennifer Mehditash Dec-a-Porter said...

wifi indeed! we got all *giddy* as soon as we were hooked up!!
i am just going through my cards, pics etc right this minute and thinking about how the time flew by and how much there still is to share. great post C! xo J

Sofia - As We Travel said...

Looks like such a fun event, love the creativity and new-thinking in the designs.

Fashion story said...

I love these senior pictures of furniture design collection! Very unique and beautiful decoration. They have sure come a long way since I had mine taken!!