17 October 2012

thanks, apartment therapy! ("it hurts like the flu.")

talented molly luetkemeyer's mezzanine jam room. photo by bethany nauert
 just wanted to say thanks to apartment therapy for the california home + design "small space big style" house tour!  such a pleasure to work with the apartment therapy team on this, so thank you to bethany nauert (our talented photographer), abby stone (our talented writer) and gregory han (our talented AT west coast editor). you guys are the BESTEST!
christopher kennedy's awesome living room. photo by bethany nauert.

ps- as you know, half the fun of apartment therapy is in the comments. here's some snippets of my favorites so far:

"Run for your life - except for a few rooms, the very definition of over-decorated and unlivable."

"It hurts like the flu."

"My eyes! My eyes!"

seriously- I LOVE THESE! of course, a few kind words would be appreciated too, so get on over to AT!

chic powder room by azadeh schladovsky. photo by bethany nauert.

the hollywood condos
6735 Yucca Street
Los Angeles, California 90028


reekyrocks said...

oh i love you too much.

Igor Josifovic said...

Wowzers - you're rocking! I know a celeb!!! Yeaaahhh!

Anonymous said...

You may have noticed that AT, as is often their wont, has removed the critical comments, including all you quoted. Have to say, the only rooms I like are your bathroom and Erinn's bedroom.
Sue in RI

Dawna said...

Amazing as always Christian!