02 April 2013

teh last 7 days, part deux

spring has been extra glorious here in LA, so ted and i have been taking long, flower filled walks. i admire the blooms, while ted pees on the stems- hey, we all enjoy beauty in our own special ways.  ;-) 
my design partner-in-crime, jill seidner, and i, enjoyed a rather fancy poolside party for  mary mcdonald's new fabrics , trims and rugs for schumacher.
see? kinda fancy. "chinois palais" made into a screen- the ultimate poolside accessory.

good stuff. "firenze", second from left is a fave from the collection, and that graphic black and white number  on the right is going to make some mighty fine pillows one day...
speaking of graphic patterns, my clients and i loved this brand spanking new moroccan inspired flor tile (not even in catalogs, so you are seeing it here first). it's going into a  room with charcoal gray walls, so i needed something that reads "light n bright" on the near-ebony wood floors, yet was able to handle the wear and tear of three dogs and a cat. flor to the rescue!
this SUPER-graphic tile was also loved, but just too much for this room. i will use it in the future though- love
i also picked up these 80's-fabulous brass and lacquer nightstands for the same client. i LOVE clients who are adventuresome enough "get" stuff like this- makes me soooooo happy!  and the results of being brave and eclectic are always superior to being safe and boring (at least in this designer's book).
next to teh nightstands, we are making a slipcover for their upholstered bed out of the perennials outdoor white fabric and then  sewing up some colorful duralee pillows to go with it. so excited.
i ended my week with a drive to san diego to celebrate easter with the family. these peruvian lilies are amongst my favorite spring flowers so i was delighted that they were the centerpiece to the dining table.
i can't believe my youngest niece is off to college in the fall- where does the time go?
ted travels with, so after being gone all day, richard was in a very talkative mood when we got home. i wish he could come too, but he does not travel well. i tried when he was a kitten- never again. ;-)
that was my week- hope you had a good one too!

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Juliane at Modern Mural said...

Beautiful patterns. I hope you and your kitty have some good times together!