16 October 2013

an interior designer's perspective on blogging and social media, and why it's important (a design camp OC wrap up).

last friday i was honored to join paloma contreras of la dolce vita and julie thigpen of belle maison onstage at design camp orange county, the fab 2 day intensive learning/networking experience put together by lori dennis & kelli ellis.  while paloma and julie taught teh assembled campers how to blog the right way, with dedication, and with professional tools like an editorial calendar and a press kit (neither of which i have), i sort of took the slacker approach, of "hey, it's better to do something rather than nothing", cuz, hey, it's worked for me, so why not?
 here's some highlights from my presentation, already posted on instagram:
this was my opening laugh, cuz if you are doing social media purely for the monetary rewards, boy,  are you barking up the wrong tree!

the point of this slide is that when i started, i had no clue what i was doing, but i started anyway... because i was desperate to increase exposure for my interior design business. by the time people actually started paying attention to me, i had figured out a lot of the kinks and didn't look so stupid. the same holds true for anyone starting out in social media, when you make your first big fuckups- and you will- nobody is following you anyway, so just go for it and figure the rest out along the way.

this is pretty self-explanatory. no one knew or cared who i was before i started blogging, but now, things are different- i have a platform to tell my story- or any story i choose to- and get it out there, and crazily enough, it reaches a lot of people through my various social media outlets. how many people, i don't know or care, but it reaches the right people, and that's what i care about, so thank you for coming here and being one of them.

and this was my concluding slide with a couple of instagrams from project finished this summer, and again, the point of this slide is pretty self-explanatory: just do it. don't worry about not having the time, or not knowing what your are doing, cuz trust me- if lil ol' backwards me can figure out instagram and blogger and twitter and facebook, so can you. the time thing is always an issue, but isn't that the story of our lives? but we have to make time to be our own cheerleaders, because if we don't value our businesses enough to cheer them on, how can we expect others to?

anyhoo, those are some highlights from my presentation, and i suggest you book early for design camp vegas summer 2014- it's not to be missed!  oh, lori and kelli and my friend lisa mende will also be dropping some knowledge this week at high point, so if you are there, don't miss these dynamite ladies in person!


Arianna said...

That sounds like a great presentation and I especially like the intro line - hahaha I wish ;) Anyway I think you are doing a fab job ;)

Arianna said...

That sounds like a great presentation! I particularly like your opening line... haha I wish ;)

maison21 said...

thank you arianna!

Alecia said...

I really needed to hear all of this at this exact moment. Being a newbie blogger I am so hard on myself. I literally want to do it all - but I need to accept my limitations and embrace them. I need to be my own cheerleader (because no one else is )and just have the balls to go for what I want (even if I don't have it all figured out yet). I wish I could have heard the presentation, it sounds like you did an incredible job!

Have a great weekend!

maison21 said...

thanks alecia! and don't worry, you'll figure out your own way. that's part of the beauty oh social media. we can make whatever we want of it!

good luck!

Lisa Mende Design said...

you are too kind to give me a shout out! oxox