18 November 2013

the new SCOWTERS store is open for business! this xmas buy VINTAGE!

my friends over at scowters, your favorite bi-weekly facebook flash sale, have exciting news: they now have a storefront open 24/7 for your internets shopping pleasure! no more waiting for the flash sales only to miss out on the merchandise because someone beat you to it or you forgot that it was thursday night!  the store is still on facebook too, and you know you spend your time on there anyway!

the new scowters store is searchable both by category and by price, and you'll find one of kind items ranging from art to furniture to jewelry to barware to tchotchkes- basically you name it, and if it's cool and vintage, they've got it. when my scowters friends asked me to help publicize their new store with a sponsored post, i was pretty excited cuz i knew i'd find lots of of fun deals as i searched for merchandise to feature.  while doing this post, i found many cool things for under a $100 bucks that the new scowters shop is gonna be my go-to stop for holiday shopping!

in fact, this holiday season, i'm encouraging everyone to buy VINTAGE and here's why:
  1. it is the greenest thing you'll ever do. everything is recycled, so no toxins were dumped into the environment or no chinese slaves were used to make it.
  2. everything is pretty much one of a kind. no post xmas returns cuz aunt sally got 9 pairs of pajama jeans. your gift will be unique and treasured by the giftee, guaranteed.
  3. for every dollar spent on vintage, 14 smabillion dollars are pumped back into the local economy. (ok, i exaggerate, but these are mom and pop dealers, so every $ that comes in gets spent on more merchandise, plus gas so they can get to the next estate sale, plus the venti coffee they drink while waiting in line at said estate sale. you get the picture.
  4. last, VINTAGE IS COOL, and it makes you cool to buy it.
if those reasons didn't convince you to visit the scowters store, here's a couple more more that will:


susieq said...

Great post! Cannot wait to shop!

Bethanne Matari said...

Christian, I always try to give used books or something vintage to my friends for Christmas. When I can't find just the right vintage item, I resort to wine/food. Cheers!

maison21 said...

yay, bethanne matari- vintage books are a GREAT idea!

and susie q, you need to sell, not shop! ;-)