01 September 2015

maison21 on hgtv's house hunter's renovation! saturday september 5th!


Mary said...

Hi Christian,
I saw you on the show last night & recognized you immediately.
I hope you tell us how it all came about.
The kitchen turned out great BTW! Even without the cement tiles.

Vickie H. said...

Darn it! I was out of town and missed this....wonder if it will air again on repeat anytime soon?

Alexandra Rae said...

Hi Christian. I loved it!! I just happen to catch it while on the treadmill last Tuesday at 6am. Great job. I loved what you did with the kitchen. I was up early thinking about my own upcoming episode, so I decided to hit the gym. (Nothing like a TV appearance to get your ass moving again, right?) Lo an behold...there you were. You looked fantastic, BTW. Was the late cabinet delivery for real? O did they create drama for the camera? I have so many questions. I'll tweet you later, if you don't mind. Trying to find a willing contractor. Been through six of my go to GCs and all said, "No Gracias." Who doesn't want to be on TV??

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