08 July 2013


i caught up on game of thrones over the long holiday weekend, and now i am sort of obsessed with jon snow's hair.

that is all.

happy monday.

04 July 2013

happy fourth!

ted, channeling little edie, wishes you a sparkly fourth!

01 July 2013

#HPMKT- a visit with w. schillig usa

if the rainbow of gorgeous leathers above didn't get your attention, then watch the following video, and then join me for a tour of of the w. schillig USA furniture showroom (in the 220 elm bldg) during april's spring high point market! (yup, two months later, i'm finally getting a chance to do a market recap post!)

ok, did you gasp like i did when schillig's US head guy, david stewart, walked on that gorgeous sectional?   i could hear my mom yelling at me to "keep off the furniture- if you want to play on something, go outside!" and trust, no damage was done- here we are chillaxing on the same sectional, moments later:
sturdy, yet comfortable!  the curved end cushions hugged me and didn't want to let me go... (and thanks to material girl jill seidner for taking some the pictures for this post!)
one thing i learned while visiting schillig (my sponsor for this april's market) was that not only is their furniture comfortable and stylish, it is all built like a tank... a precision, german engineered tank! i mean seriously, would you walk on your sofa? and schilling takes their german enginrering seriously! look at look at these details would ya?
i am cracking up here because there is a hidden button in the seams of the sofa cushions that controls the foot and headrests- i told you, this is german engineering at it finest!
yes, electronic controls mean the sofa needs electricity to be used, but you can still float schilling's pieces in the middle of the room because they are offered with battery packs, which are charged via this sleek lil chrome outlet. hawt.
all the visible working parts are chrome-plated and beautiful  no ugly clunky black metal mechanisms that should be kept hidden at schillig!
what is kept hidden is the amazing engineering inside every cushion....
even the top stitching is precise
just because it's well engineered, doesn't mean it's not stylish either. love the chanel inspired stitching  on this sofa.
stylish, yet still precise.
not everything in the showroom is robot motion furniture- loved this simple cantilevered (and springy) breuer inspired chaise. this one wanted to come home with me, bad.
also loved these rocking chaises- available in single, double and triple seaters.
another piece that caught my eye was this bed with movable headboards, because sometimes you just have to float a bed in a room, and this will allow it to be done stylishly (and with versatility).

and how about this sectional which converts into a bed- or is it a bed that converts to a sectional?

whichever it is, it coverts hands free ,as david kicked it into shape!

and yes, i heard my mom yelling again- "don't kick the furniture!" ;-)
if you'd like to see more click on the logo above, and it will take you to the new w. schillig USA website (there is a retail locator on the site), or if you want to test drive like i did, stop by their showroom in the 220 elm building during high point fall market, and kick the tires for yourself! if you do, you just might find m21 napping on one of the rocking chaises- really loved them, and i want a return engagement!