30 January 2013

scowters: your new source for vintage & modern

today, i'd like to introduce you to SCOWTERS, your new source for vintage and modern furniture, art and accessories, coming to your facebook feed every thursday evening at 8 pm est/ 5 pm pst!

so what is scowtersscowters is a group of friends, who met through the magic of the facebooks, and who discovered we all have one thing in common: a serious addiction to buying cool old junque.  so we thought we'd take our love, and share it with you, in the form of a weekly informal facebook flash sale that sort of combines a flea market with a cocktail party, but all from the comfort of your own home or business.

the dealers selling on scowters are scattered across the nation, and run the gamut from collectors of folk art and costume jewelry to collectors of some of the finest 20th century art and antiques. we have dealers who have real brick & mortar galleries, to dealers with nothing more than an etsy page of stuff in their garage; we have some of the finest names from 1stdibs and one kings lane, and we also have bottom feeders like moi who just list their finds on craigslist to finance their next score. ;-) but fancy, or plain, folksy, or sophisticated, we all can't stop buying and we've discovered for us, it's not just a habit, but a whole lifestyle. we live, eat, breathe, dream (and joke) about cool old stuff, and now we want to share our addiction lifestyle and our latest finds, with YOU! kind of like buying fresh off the truck at the flea market, but without having to get up at 4am to do it!
so once a week we are selecting a few choice pieces per dealer and offering them to the public via a facebook flash sale. every thursday night, we start posting our favorite finds for the week, and give you (and each other- not gonna lie) a chance to buy our goods. we were doing this behind the scenes via FB messages anyhoo, so we thought why not open it up to everyone!  and it couldn't be simpler to use and participate in- when an item is posted that tickles your fancy, just comment "SOLD" and private message the scowters page with your email. scowters in turn will put you in touch with your dealer to finish the transaction (most of us take paypal, or credit cards). the dealer then ships your item off within 4 business days of purchase. that easy- just you and the dealer, no middle man.
since our sale is on facebook, it's also sort of a social venue. we dealers sit by the computer (when we're available) with a glass of wine and comment and chat as the items pop up. it's relaxed and fun, and since we all have our areas of expertise, you might learn something as well... though mostly we just comment "no way- i want that!" and "you are selling that waaay too cheap- somebody buy this before i do!".  ;-)   (remember, we're addicts- every purchase you make saves us from ourselves)
so if you like what you see here,  come join the fun- first step is liking the scowters facebook page so you can see the goodies when we list them, then kick back every thursday night while these awesome finds (and more) fill your facebook stream is filled with vintage goodness!
"scowters: let our addiction be your lifestyle" is my jokey tag line
our lovely logo by stephanie shofield. bonus points if anyone not a scowter can identify the choice cut labeled "GG". it's sort of an inside joke but with a very public origin, so anyone can play.
see you on teh scowters!

16 January 2013


there has been a whole lot of this:
and this:
goin' on around here this week as ted & richard's dad has been laid up in bed with the flu. it seems everyone we know either has it, or had it over christmas, and are finally feeling better. how about y'all? how are you faring this cold and flu season? i even got the shot, but alas, come down with anyway.

hopefully i'll be up and about soon, and spring is just around the corner for all of us, so we can banish this hideous cold/flu season goodbye for the year!  as for ted & richard, their lives won't change much, as laying around sleeping is pretty much all they do anyway.  ;-)

*pictures from the maison21 instagram feed- follow along for kicks (and more pictures of pets sleeping)

07 January 2013

get the look! maison21 & black crow studios on one kings lane!

photo: john ellis
the final act of the california home + design "small space big style" showhouse debuts tomorrow, tuesday, january 8th at 6est/9pst pm in a "get the look" tastemaker tag sale on one kings lane! this is your chance to shop the rooms and scoop up some fabulous designer curated pieces at great prices!

and yes, the bold "memphis" wallpaper i designed with tracy hiner of black crow studios for my showhouse bathroom will be on sale at a substantial discount from its regular price! plus, tracy and i whipped up 4 new, never offered before, colorways for the sale!  so if bold black and white ain't your thing, we're offering the pattern in subtle tonal shades of gray and ecru, or, if you'd like a bit more color, we also have a punchy persimmon or dramatique midnight!
original black & white



soft gray


which is your fave?  and remember to "get the look" and shop the sale on OKL tuesday night!