31 January 2012

best giveaway ever! (a brand new brizo faucet!)

as my friends, jill of material girls and erica of EMI interior design are excitedly tweeting away about their upcoming fashion week trip to see the jason wu show in NYC, sponsored by brizo, i was reminded of some unfinished business from my own brizo fashion week adventure, and that business involves YOU!

last september when the brizo people were acquainting us with their brand,  the group of designers i was part of couldn't have been more excited when the brizo peeps announced  "ladies and gentlemen, look under your seats- you're all going home with a brand now brizo faucet!"  (please read in your best booming oprah voice)i mean flown to new york, wine, dined and limoed around to one of the hottest fashion shows of fashion week, and sent home with a fabulous brizo smart touch faucet with a list price of around 700 bucks? really? those brizo folks know how to treat a designer right!
you get to pick venuto
so m21 came home with a gift certificate for a fancy-schmancy single -hole, deck mounted kitchen faucet that he unfortunately couldn't use as his kitchen is a wide-spread wallmount. (and boy are we bummed- pull-down nozzle = heaven). we've held on the certificate thinking we'd use it for a client kitchen remodel, but you know what? in the last 6 months we haven't touched a kitchen job, and we don't have any on the horizon either, so YOU, my lucky readers will be the recipient of brizo's largess and one of you will win either a beatiful talo or venuto faucet in your choice of finish!
or talo
of course, there is a catch- isn't there always?  but it's not a horrible catch- you just need to go to facebook and like my maison21 page. see, not so horrible, right? come back here after you are done, and let me know you "liked" me by sending an email with "BRIZO" in the subject, along with with your name (so i can check to make sure you really like me) and which faucet you've picked, venuto or talo.  if you already "like" my page, just send the email with BRIZO in the subject, and let me know you are an old skool m21 liker...

imma pick the winner by random number generator in one week, and will contact you to get your mailing info if you're the lucky one. just a warning- you can't have anything but the faucet listed on the above card, and you can't bug the brizo to exchange it for something else, or refund it, natch- the win is for the listed item only, and is non-transferable.  the brizo peeps are being nice enough to send it to the winner, but that's it as far as their responsibility goes... and of course, you are responsible for installation, blah, blah, blah... (contest only open to US residents, by the way. sorry, my international friends- love you, but no international shipping on this one).

"but wait, m21, can i get a second chance to win?"

why yes, you can!  simply visit my joss & main curator's collection sale starting tuesday evening, january 31st at 6pm PST/9 pm EST, running through wee hours of saturday morning (3 1/2 days), and send me a second email with "BRIZO" in the subject, and the posted name & price of your favorite item from the sale (so i know you really visited and didn't just list something from the pictures i'll be posting on my blog- we're making you WORK for this faucet, right?). you don't have to buy anything of course, just let me know what you liked best from my "black, white and BOLD" curated collection- easy-peasy and double the fun!

good luck!

26 January 2012

vroom, vroom! (metropolis II at LACMA)

back when maison21 was just a little boy, his favorite toys were 1) legos and 2) hot wheels. our indulgent mother used to let lil m21 set up giant hot wheel tracks in teh living room (the only space with enough room to make the enormous tracks m21's grandiose child mind needed ), and we'd build houses, tunnels and bridges out of our legos to compliment.

but alas, we never had enough track or enough legos to make our visions really come true, so we were completely enraptured when we visited LACMA a week ago see the installation, "metropolis II" by chris burden... our childhood dreams come to life, put in a museum, and called art. totes amazing.

burden says this about the piece: ""The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars, produces in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st Century city." and frankly, m21 calls bullshit- we think mr. burden is just another frustrated kid, who never had enough track or legos to build his dream, so as an adult got some wealthy art patron to give him the money to make his little boy dreams come true. ;-)

whether it's art or not, we don't know, but we do know it is totally and completely awesome (our heart literally started beating faster when we walked into the installation), and since LACMA is only 4 blocks from teh atelier, we plan on visiting it many more times over its ten year run at the museum. we also suggest if you have a little boy in your life, you get him to LACMA stat- though be prepared for him to ask for hot wheels and legos for xmas!

thanks mr. burden! you made 8 year old me, very, very happy.

20 January 2012

on teh pinterest pipe...

lately, we can't seem to go very long without another hit of our latest addiction, teh pinterests:

luckily, as an interior designer, collecting inspirational images is part of our job description... so we won't be sent to rehab just yet!

other peeps seem to enjoy our pins too (thanks design crisis and design manifest!), so perhaps you'd like to join us on pinterest - remember, your first taste is free!

ps- our pins are 100% pure design, never cut -  trust us, it's good sh*t.

17 January 2012

08 January 2012

m21 gets down: the highlights of 2011

oh irony, how i love thee so! 2011 was the year that my blogging started to pay off with some fabulous social media opportunities, and of course, it was also the year i was so busy, it seemed like i barely blogged at all (only 132 posts). in my defense, my social media has been more concentrated on the twitters & facebook lately, as it's much easier to squeeze in the time for 140 characters as opposed to being able to find a couple hours to write a full-fledged blog post (taking & editing photos, composing the text and sourcing the associated links is NEVER a quick proposition, at least for little ol' typelexic m21). still, whether i blogged as much as i would have liked or no, the 4 years i've spent slogging away in the social media world has begun to reward me in unexpected ways, and has provided me with some incredible highlights to my year...

photo courtesy of angeleno interiors magazine
1) i love LA: one of my new years goals from last year was to be more social offline so i've really made an effort to be more active in the design scene centered here in los angeles. this has paid off in the number of absolutely lovely people i've met and befriended in the last year.  a few years ago, i dreaded attending parties associated with the los angeles design community because i didn't know a soul;  now i'm inconsolable if i have to miss an event, because i'll miss an opportunity to see the warm, talented, funny, and supportive individuals i've come to know and love! too many names to name here (y'all know who you are), but each of you make the formerly dreaded work-mixer a now much anticipated event!

my first design panel, photo courtesy of blueprintbrands
 2) my 1st design panel:  the delightful people over at the avenues of art, fashion, and design, west hollywood were nice enough to include me in a panel on "blogging LA style" (thank you melanie!), and it was truly one of the highlights of my year. not only did i get to become friends with two of my awesome co-panelists,  ashlina (the decorista), and gregory (apartment therapy unplgged and gregory han), i've since been asked to participate in 2 other panels. unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented me from participating in those two, but i'm hoping to take part in more panel opportunities in 2012. i'm a big mouth, so this is a natural fit pour moi!

from my glum expression, you can see what a dull trip my brizo fashion week was...NOT! (thank you fellow traveler kathy at live the fine life for this wonderful photo)
3) brizo fashion week:  another huge highlight was being flown to new york to attend the jason wu fashion show by the good people over at brizo faucets. an amazing brand, and an amazing experience, but again, it was about the people, and i was so lucky to have the opportunity to make 19 new friends out of the fabulous crew of designer/bloggers on the trip. brizo has just announced the next group of designers to attend this fab experience in february, and i'm more than a little jealous of them!

4) eleanor lambert: still here: in one of those serendipitous moments that has me thanking the universe for my good fortune, my trip to brizo fashion week coincided with the publication of this fabulous book by one of my oldest and dearest friends, john tiffany, so i was able to attend the launch party at lincoln center to celebrate its release.  seeing someone i love achieve great success was another highlight to 2011, and the fact that it fell during the week i was already in NYC courtesy of brizo was the best kind of unexpected kismet!

with my girls crystal (plush palate & rue magazine) and ash (the decorista) on our way to sunset cocktails.  in anticipation of the coming april market, crystal just posted some pictures of our hijinks, of which this is but one- go visit!
5) high point market: i was also honored to be part of a group of designers/social media cognescenti attending high point market in october, and i gots to tell you, it was hands down the funnest thing i did all year. you can read all about my adventures here, but i'll paraphrase for you: 3 days in an entire CITY devoted to furniture, lighting and accessories, surrounded by the best group of people in the universe, while attending a non-stop string of cocktail parties, and, well, it was basically this designer's idea of heaven!  i am dearly hoping my schedule allows me to return this april, as i have so much more to see and do in high point!

6) joss & main:  ok, this one is a shameless plug for good things to come in 2012, but i was approached about it in 2011, so for me, i'm counting it as a 2011 highlight! we are delighted to announce on january 31st, 2012 (a little over 3 weeks from now) that we are having a maison21 curated sale on the joss & main site. the theme for our sale is black, white and BOLD, and essentially it is a curated selection on how to get the maison21 look: liberal use of black and white, paired with bold splashes of color and pattern; as well as touches of glimmering metallics, and the gleam of lucite and mirror- and a maybe little something for the furkids too. selections aren't finalized yet, but i'm excited by what we've put together so far, and i think y'all will like it too!

of course, the support and continued readership of all my friends here on maison21 was another highlight of 2011, and i appreciate y'all sticking with me for these many years.  i hope to blog a bit more frequently in 2012, but remember, if you can't get enough m21 in your life, you can always find me (in smaller doses) on the twitters & the facebooks! (pinterest sometimes too!)

happy 2012 to you all- i can tell this is going to be a year of good things for all of us!

07 January 2012

free pretty! don't forget to enter our jewelry giveaway!

don't forget to enter our acme1225 bracelet giveaway! deadline is monday! deets here.

02 January 2012

sparkle in 2012- an acme1225 giveaway! (this one is for the ladies!)

hey girls, did santa forget to bring you a new piece of jewelry?

well, m21 and acme1225 are going to help fix that for you with our first giveaway of the year!

acme1225 is the brainchild of our dear friend, rochelle mayfield, an in-demand wardrobe and fashion stylist working out of the san francisco bay area, and also "the dame" behind the "the dame's got moxie" blog, "a fashion and beauty resource for the stacked woman".

when looking for that chic and unusual accessory to finish off a look, rochelle's search came up somewhat lacking, so she set out to create her own line of chic fashion jewelry, and provide herself with a ready resource!  rochelle's inspiration for the line "acme1225" came from a group of native craftspeople in johannesberg, south africa known as the inkwenkwezi, who took materials others discarded- like safety pins and telephone wire- and refashioned them into bangles and baskets to both adorn themselves, and sell for extra money. rochelle has updated the concept of these recycled craft projects by re-imagining them in luxe and unusual materials like colorful crystals imported from czechoslovakia, and safety pins in matte black and gunmetal finishes, and turned them into exquisite, one of a kind, works of art for the modern fashion-conscious woman. rochelle also realized that she could honor the indigenous african roots of her jewelry, after reading the shocking fact young girls in impoverished areas of africa are absent from school several days out of the month because they don’t have access to feminine hygiene products- something any western girl would simply take for granted- so she decided to donate a portion of her sales to the galkayo education center for peace and development, a program providing educational opportunities for young girls and job training for women in somalia.  fashion & good works- a great combo!

so as our first giveaway of 2012, maison21 and acme 1225 are giving away one of rochelle's cool creations! simply visit the acme1225 shop and select your favorite bracelet, and leave a comment on "the dame's got moxie" blog letting us know your selection (if there isn't an email connecting to your comment profile, be sure to click the link in rochelle's sidebar to send her your email info so she can contact you if you win, and please put "bracelet giveaway" in the subject line).  to spice things up, if you want to double your chances of winning , follow the dame on twitter, and if you want to enter a third time, simply like the dame on facebook! (again, be sure to email the dame with your comment and "bracelet giveaway" in the subject line, along with your twitter and FB info, so we can attach the right number entries to the proper person). also, please note that if the bracelet you've selected is no longer available at the time of our drawing, rochelle will reserve the right to substitute something equally chic to the winner- no matter, they're all good!)

we'll be announcing the winner on monday, january 9th! good luck, and may the moxie be with you!

01 January 2012

burn bright in 2012!