12 August 2014

branching out, my latest for 55 downing street!

visit 55 downing street for my latest picks to bring the outside in!

10 August 2014

thank you, calvin klein home! (repurposing a ck home "storm" marble candle)

 a while back, i posted about the new chic accessory line from calvin klein home, and mentioned that i was in love with the sculptural and minimalist signature fragrance marble vessel candles in the line. low and behold, the good folks at calvin klein were nice enough to send me one for my birthday this last may! score! thank you, calvin klein home!
i love how the storm candle blends seamlessly with my decor.
they did ask that i when i was done burning the candle, that i post a picture of how i would reuse the gorgeous marble vessel the candle comes in. well, i have been enjoying the HECK out of the delicious scent all summer long and have barely made a dent in the candle- it's big and lasts lasts over a hundred hours according to the site.  
classic hi/lo decor- the calvin klein home candle repurposed to hold a $11.99 trader joes orchid.  seriously- looks like a million bucks, right?
so i asked for them to send me an empty vessel (agreeing to send it back) so i could show everyone that not only is the CK home candle a value for how long it lasts, but that it lives on as a chic container for your home, forever. when is the last time you enjoyed a scented candle container after the candle is burned?
hand-carved in italy- so chic. (please ignore that i need to repaint my mantel :-)
when my orchid dies, i'm repurposing the container to hold paint brushes on my desk, and after that, who knows? i'm also thinking of splurging and buying the "midnight" black version of the candle for my black and white powder room because i think they are so darn chic.

thank you calvin klein home!

08 August 2014

maison21 interior design project peek

the coolest thing about having a couple comprised of a talented photographer, matt armendariz and equally talented stylist, adam pearson, as clients, is that you know you are going to get some great photos out of the project!  so when this photo popped up in my instagram feed, courtesy of matt, i got super excited. stay tuned for the rest of the house, hopefully via a print or online magazine as we are definitely going to shop this project for publication!

04 August 2014

thank you angeleno modern luxury! (shapes collection gets its 1st print press!)

what do maggie gyllenhaal and maison21 have in common?  they are both featured in the pages of the latest edition of angeleno modern luxury magazine!

big thanks to maile pingle for writing up the shapes collection for our first print press! love the title too: "geometry class"!

my rug collaborators 27ground, woven accents, and i are all very honored!