27 November 2011

white xmas, fakedy-fake style (and thanx, treetopia!)

you know maison21 likes his christmas white, and he also likes it totally and completely fake. i mean what's the point in trying to recreate a traditional winter wonderland when it's 85 degrees and sunny outside? also, although we incorporate lots of traditional and vintage into our decor, at the end of the day, we consider ourselves a modernist, and frankly we find layering traditional xmas decor over modernist interiors to be jarring, and usually not so nice (we said *usually*, so before you start to yellin', like everything else in life and decor, there are, of course, exceptions to every rule).

here's some reruns of our xmas decor...

our wreath:
simple red and white.
our decor:
we keep our decorations simple and sparse- white poinsettias (out of the reach of richard) and some silver balls scattered about.
our tree:
ok, maybe not so simple, but our tree of a million ornaments is pretty, even if a little over the top.
and our newest addition, courtesy of the nice folks at treetopia, who sent us tons of garland to make our christmas just a little bit whiter (and a little bit faker- treeopia is like the holy land of fake):
the view of our new garland from our upper hall. we're stopping here with the decor btw-  we don't want to look like we live in santa's village!
how about y'all? have you finished your holiday decorating? (to be honest, we haven't yet. tree is still in storage and we hope to find time to get it up this week. maybe.)

24 November 2011

whaddyamean where's your turkey?

that's ridiculous. i mean, where on earth would i have room to hide a big ol' turkey around here?

23 November 2011

happy turkey day!

 it may be a holiday for some of you, but not for richard! he'll be hard at work, being a slave to the keyboard all day, and into the night!

happy turkey day!

21 November 2011

falling in love again...

the crisp cool days of fall are making me fall in love with my beautiful city all over again...
yeah, they are just grainy iphone pics, but like the city of angels, they are a bit gritty, a little out of focus, and completely saturated with glamor.

i love you, LA.

19 November 2011

not the missoni throw!

i mean, we've all felt like taking a match to our living room decor before, haven't we? but i'd for sure take the ONE nice thing out of this room before i torched it!

source: "Arson Forensics Sets Old Fire Myths Ablaze" on the NPR website

17 November 2011

are you a fan?

are you a fan?

no, not of our maison21 facebook page (though we think you should be a fan there too), but rather, are you a fan of ceiling fans?

residential lighting magazine recently asked a panel of designers with a twitter presence to vent their feelings about ceiling fans (as you may know, designers and ceiling fans are usually natural born enemies in the wild), and much to our shock and delight, we found several models we were a fan of!

take a look at the article and let us know if you are a fan of our choices!

13 November 2011

high on high point (220 elm and palliser furniture)

today our high point coverage continues as we go on a tour of 220 elm, one of the 188 showroom buildings in the city of high point (and one of the sponsors of our trip). 220 elm has dozens of showrooms, most with a contemporary point of view, and as usual with high point, it's not only the furniture that draws buyers to 220, but also the incredible people working in the building who make it such a wonderful experience. our tour guide, heinz kattenfeld, the chief operating officer of 220 elm, couldn't have been more accommodating, knowledgeable, or gracious, as he escorted us through the building (and the tenants of the building seemed to agree, as we were greeted by choruses of "hi heinz" along with smiles, waves, and hugs, everywhere we went!)
crystal of plush palate & rue magazine,  ashlina of the decorista, heinz of 220 elm, marissa of styebeat, and moiself, enjoying a rest stop on a deep and loungy nailhead studded sofa by outer limits, who fed us lemonade slushies while we waited for my phone to recharge.

also loved these overscale, modern wing chairs around a dining table at outer limits. (thanks for the pictures of this showroom, crystal- as stated, my phone was dead during this stop). and bonus, outerlimits upholstery is made right here in LA- we love made in the usa products!
great minds think alike- ashlina and i simultaneously had the idea to custom color this rug from mat the basics in green tones to resemble malachite.
loving the lacquer at leif peteresen inc- lots of great modern design in this showroom...
"ghost-y" illuminated outdoor pieces at terry seitz inc, another great 220 elm showroom. crystal almost looks like she is floating on clouds, and we can definitely see these used outside in a glamorous palms springs setting.
the last of our high point sponsors was actually another showroom in the 220 elm building, palliser furniture.  palliser furniture is canada's largest furniture manufacturer, and the showroom sprawls across the almost the entire 4th floor of 220 elm (all of their product is made in north america too- another plus!)  as usual, the people who worked at palliser couldn't be nicer, and we were treated to an amazing catered lunch in the company's cafeteria, followed by barista-made cappucinos and dessert!
sometimes, it's the little things that make the difference- loved the branded pens and notepads at the entrance to the showroom to make notes once inside...
palliser is big on leather, with 88 leather options to chose from (in addition to 200 fabrics)
we've had two clients recently request recliners for television viewing, and we were hard pressed to find anything modern and not grossly overstuffed to use, so we are keeping this bristol sectional in mind for the future. it's sleek and modern enough to use in a contemporary interior, especially if we put it in a brightly colored leather, like maybe a hermes orange on white floors...
long days at high point mean taking any opportunity to relax, like ashlina is doing in the bristol sectional.  love the "dream big" on the wall behind ash. if you knew ashlina, you'd know how appropriate that sentiment is- girlfriend is going places!
living in the center of movie making means that lots of show biz clients want dedicated screening rooms, so it was good to see palliser's many options. these recliners have laptop and ipad holders, as well as optional ipod docks. crazy! they do everything but help you out of your chair at the end of the movie...
oh wait- palliser has an ejector option for that too! (no reason you can't have fun while working, right? and boy did we have fun on our tour!)

this rick lee designed sectional for palliser is seriously chic. slick modernism, but without a scary italian import price tag.
thanks again to 220 elm and palliser furniture for being such gracious hosts, and we hope y'all aren't bored with our high point market coverage, 'cause we've got more to share!

11 November 2011

wanna get published? (ca home + design awards 2012)

designers, wanna get your project published in one of the coolest mags around? well, our friends over at califronia home + design are calling for submissions for their 2012 design awards, and the deadline for submissions is fast approaching (next friday the 18th, so get your pictures in an envelope already!)

ca home + design is looking for whole-house projects, excluding product, showcase house design, and kitchen or bath categories, so there should be a category for everyone to submit something. imma stamp and mail my envelope as soon as i'm done posting, and you should too!  

06 November 2011

high on high point: distinctly duralee

when we found out that duralee was one of the sponsors of our trip to the high point market, we were over the moon- a product that maison21 already knew, loved and used? a match made in heaven!

and lemme tell you, we were so excited to see the duralee collection in their high point showroom, because the showroom, designed by eileen kathryn boyd, is simply gorgeous and showcases the fabrics and furniture so beautifully (whereas the LA showroom, is well... a bit utilitarian, shall we say). my cohorts, crystal gentilello  and ashlina kaposta, and i could have relaxed there all day as the color palette was so cheerful, yet calming. eileen did an amazing job.
eileen is just as lovely as her designs, so it was delightful to talk with her and hear the behind the scenes story of her fabric collection for duralee-  her color sense literally blew me away! i know we designers aren't supposed to admit to this, as it seems like cheating in a way, but i love the 5 color palette books she put together with duralee; sometimes it's nice just to have everything that coordinates in one convenient spot.  i wish more fabric houses did this for those times when matchy-matchy is simply the look needed. why not make things easy? and seriously, with a juicy color palette like this, i guarantee you, m21 will be using these beautifully coordinating fabrics in a future project. the geometric cut velvet you see in many of our photos is a particular favorite. so chic.

but maybe our favorite feature of our tour was duralee's line of custom dog beds, available in any of their fabrics- ted really wants one! (ok, ted could care less, but his dad would really like him to have one- how awesome is the coordinating bone pillow?)
a big thank you to duralee for their hospitality, as well as for their chic product, which we now know and love just a little bit better!

02 November 2011

high on high point (a market primer)

my girls, ashlina and crystal, capturing a high point moment...
as a lover of all things decorative, what's your favorite type of place? shops and showrooms, right? nothing better than going somewhere where a bunch of pretty things are all gathered together for your visual (and shopping) delight. now imagine an entire city, devoted to furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. that's right- not a shop, not a showroom- but an entire CITY full of pretty things! too good to be true, right? well, such a city exists, and that city would be high point, north carolina, where maison21 had the privilege of spending a few days last week during the bi-annual extravaganza known as the high point  international home furnishings market (every october and every april), and lets just say we were OVERWHELMED with furniture fabulousity.

the hub of high point, the IHFC bldg, 3.5 million sq feet of furniture.  the place to start exploring during market- i spent over a full day here alone, and still didn't see everything- maybe because half my time was spent being lost ;-)
according to wikipedia, there are are over 3000 exhibitors in 188 separate buildings with over 11 million square feet of showroom space at high point. i think i managed to take in about 1 percent of that while i was there- seriously- but luckily, what i didn't get around to visiting, other people did... approximately 70- 80 thousand people attend market each fall and spring, and let me tell you there is something incredibly synergistic to have that many people gathered in one spot for the same purpose.  think the energy of a stadium rock concert, but focused on furniture. i'm still riding on a contact high! incroyable!
220 elm, one of the 188 showroom buildings in high point, and one of the sponsors of my trip- everyone here was so fabulous and hospitable; more to come in a dedicated post!

besides all the amazing home furnishings, one of the highlights of market was how welcoming everyone was. i don't know whether it was just good southern manners, or if everyone was just in as good a mood as i was, but virtually every person we came into contact with couldn't have been nicer, or more accommodating.  from cab and shuttle drivers, to waiters to showroom employees, and especially the organizers of the market, the high point market authority,  everyone, was faultlessly friendly and delightful! truly the best of southern hospitality!
wait- is that north carolina whizzing by outside my taxicab window?
the authority has set things up well, so even though this market is in the middle of nowhere (no offense to the locals ;-), it couldn't be easier to navigate, as well as have any questions a newcomer may ask readily answered.  there are shuttle buses directly to market from the two major airports serving the city, charlotte and greensboro/triad, as well as shuttles from all the major hotels in the region (we stayed in greensboro, 15-20 mins outside HP proper).  once in high point, there are shuttles running all over downtown to take you anywhere you need to go, and lots of information kiosks scattered about to answer questions and provide maps. easy peasy...  except for that big IFHC building- you need to be born with an internal GPS unit to navigate that place!
where do we want to go today? doesn't matter- the peeps at high point will get you there
it wouldn't be possible to talk about the nice people of high point, without talking about the fabulous people flew in to market from places far and near... so many friends from the world of interiors,  it was kinda of nutty at times. it really seemed that every single blogger, decorator, twitterer, PR person, manufacturer, retailer, and editor was there. it was power networking to the ten thousandth degree!   i couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful friends i got to meet for the first time (like erin from elements of style and michelle from my notting hill), as well as to be able to spend time with old friends whom i'm lucky enough to occasionally see at design events,  like stefan from architect design, marissa from stylebeat, and julia from the editor at large (there are way too many friends both old and new to list here, so pardon me if i didn't list you all- it doesn't mean i don't love you!)
my #HPmkt crew: (l-r) moi, Julieann of Create Girl, Jill of Material Girls, Cassandra of Coco + Kelley, Ashlina of The Decorista, Crystal of Plush Palate & Rue Magazine, and Katie of The Neo Traditionalist & Matchbook Magazine.
i have to give a special shout out to my group of homegirls, with whom i spent virtually every waking moment, and who made this adventure so much freaking fun- by day two i was hoarse and almost lost my voice just from laughing so much. a nicer, prettier, funnier, more intelligent, group of women i can't imagine, and it is a privilege to call each of you my friend- you ladies rock!
with my girls in the high point market authority media center- we are actually all waiting for our phones to recharge before stepping out to the next event. can't live our lives offline, can we?  and how would we tweet, facebook and blog without our phones? this was a common theme of high point- i don't think i've ever asked so many strangers if they had somewhere where i could plug in my phone!
from the minute i got into high point, until the minute i left, it was one big rollicking party- and i mean that literally- there is good food and drink available everywhere at the market, and parties galore. once again, these folks really know how to take care of you, and make you feel special!
my literal first stop at high point was a b-52's concert, where i kept it klassy, southern style, with a bud light in a can (love that the b-52's still rock after all these years- i first saw them over 30 years ago as a teen in san diego)
the architectural digest party, where it seemed every single name in the world of decor was in attendance (via The Decorista)
you never know who you'll run into at high point- like meeting up with eddie and jaithan at the ka-ray-zee four hands party (also via the decorista)
so have we whet your whistle, and made you want to attend the next high point market this spring? yes? but we haven't even got to the really good part yet- all the goodness of a city devoted to pretty things!

like this:
color at palacek
and this:
chromey and brassy goodness in c. jere reissues at artisan house

and this:
hable construction vignette at hickory chair
so y'all come back for more posts dedicated to all the furniture-y goodness of high point- we have lots of amazing things to share, so if you aren't already convinced to book a flight for spring market, you soon will be!