09 September 2012

sneekedy peekedy! 1st look at the small space big style showhouse!

the finishing touches have all been applied, and this weekend, california home + design editor-in-chief, erin feher and talented photographer, john ellis, got down to business immortalizing the "small space big style" showhouse on film (look for the pix in the magazine on newstands this november).  and to whet the appetites of the magazine's readers, erin posted some sneak peeks on instagram. since not everybody is on the instagram app, i thought i'd repost a few of her pix:

taa daa! erin instagrams the first peek of my graphic black and white memphis inspired bathroom. as i said in my interview for the ca home + design website, you'll either love it or hate it, and personally i LOVE the way it turned out.  we have a lot of thank yous to go around once we get some decent photos, because truly, it takes a village to build a bathroom.
erinn valencich's midnight glam master bedroom
christopher kennedy's eclectically colorful 70's super graphic inspired living room
brian patrick flynn's layered luxe guest bedroom
molly luetkemeyer's so chic native american neon in the mezzanine office
erin, looking fittingly fashionable in molly's cool jam room.
don't forget to get your tix! opens friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you in hollywood!

07 September 2012

come on in, and meet the small space big style showhouse designers!

take a peek behind the scenes at the inspiration behind the "small space big style" showhouse with california home + design's totally awesome editor-in-chief, erin feher, and her hand-picked brady bunch of california designers, including of course, moiself!

boy, i look like i'm intently measuring in this shot right? but don't believe everything you see on reality TV, cuz i'm really measuring air with a camera six inches from my face! i'd better get used to this this kind of thing, because like seemingly everyone else in LA, there could be a reality show in the works. stay tuned.

behind the door is a closet, right? nope, it's my bathroom, barely over 3 feet wide- talk about a "small space big style" challenge! here's a challenge for you: take your closet, add a toilet, sink and shower, and then tell me what you come up with! howdja do?  ;-)

 yup, totes ready for photography- get your camera over here, john ellis! (so happy he's our shooter, btw- he shot the palm springs residence in my portfolio, and did an amazing job)
all the designers have been working like little bees for months (personally, i have put in 10 quadrillion hours per square foot, no lie), but things have really taken shape over the last 48 hours, and one of my questions about a small space has finally been answered: just how many people can a 1400 sq ft space hold?  and the answer would be: an infinite number... somehow the space magically expands to accommodate more and more, because right now, i swear there are 100 million designers, assistants, painters, carpenters, contractors, plumbers, etc. all crammed into that little space, and all working together to transform a small space into some seriously big style!

and if you REALLY want to go inside the "small space big style" showhouse, it opens to the pubic september 14th- ready or not- so get your tickets here!

05 September 2012

gina berschneider furniture

y'all remember this, right?  my technicolor "palm springs" themed window from the la cienega design quarter "legends 2012" event last spring? well, besides the monkey (and teh screen from  grace home furnishings with the amazing black crow studios wallpaper), the star of the show was the pair of custom yellow chairs made for me by gina berschneider furniture... and guess what? YOU get an opportunity to purchase them this friday morning during gina's exclusive tastemaker tag sale on one kings lane! (11am EST/ 8 am PST). better get up early and be fast on teh draw- i might be buying them back all for me! i loved those chairs...
the design from teh gina berschneider archives that caught my eye
working with the shop foreman to customize my design, turning their stock lounge chair frame into a pull-up sized chair for my needs.
i always know my upholstered goods are going to turn out great when i work with gina- she oversees every detail.
meeting gina, rolf and their daughter natalie was one the the highlights of my "legends" experience, and i've had a blast working with them ever since!  upholstery is in gina's DNA, so our legends collaboration was completely delightful- from picking out a vintage chair design from gina's extensive archives, to visiting the factory to go over the details of the design (we altered the dimensions of the chair to suit our needs while keeping it stylistically in sync with our vision) and we learned lots about upholstery from gina herself (she is VERY hands on- this a family owned and operated business!)
the waterfall desk is a gina berschneider casegood piece available exclusively through the showroom

the "le grand" bolster back chairs and sofa are a personal favorite- overscale goodness for those cavernous so cal living rooms.

now, whenever we find ourself shopping on la cienega, we always stop into the spacious gina berschnieder showroom just to say "hey" and relax and chat for a minute, even if upholstered goods aren't on our shopping list for the day. the gina berschneider showroom also has a fabric sample room right in the shop with gina's own fabrics, as well as schumacher, highland court, edelman leather and loro piana woolens- so whether you want to design your own custom piece or choose one of gina's classic frames, it's one stop shopping from design to fabric!
gina loves an animal print. i knew we'd get along just fine...
and as we said for those of you who can't make it into teh la cienega showroom, gina is coming to YOU this friday via one kings lane!

i love you, chairy!
and when next you find yourself on la cienega, stop in and say hello to gina, rolf and natalie! tell them maison21 sent you!

847 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Monday through Friday
9:30 am to 5:30 pm